Sneak Peak of Tinker Bell’s Latest Adventure

Out of all the Disney characters Tinker Bell is my absolute favorite.  I love her, she’s small and sassy…just like me!  Little known fact, Tinker Bell was not thought to have been a marketable character for Disney when Disneyland  first opened.  Kind of funny!

The dust from the Fairies in Pixie Hollow has not dissipated and you will soon see an all new adventure on DVD ‘TINKER BELL and the GREAT FAIRY RESCUE‘.  It’s set to hit the store shelves on September 21st (as a Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Movie Download).

Wendy wasn’t the first young lady Tinker Bell ever met, 8 year old Lizzy has that distinction.  Her staunch belief in the world of pixie dust and fairies unites Lizzy with Tinker Bell at a time where she most needs a friend.

Tinker Bell sticks her neck out, jeopardizes the future of the fairies and launches a daring rescue in the name of faith, friendship and pixie dust.

The film features the voices of Mae Whitman as Tinker Bell, Pamela Adlon as Vidia, Kristin Chenoweth (my favorite! Love that gal!) as Rosetta, Lucy Liu as Silvermist, Raven Symone as Iridessa, Lauren Mote as Lizzy and Michael Sheen as Dr. Griffith (Lizzy’s Father).

So is seeing really believing, well you decide and watch the sneak peak below!

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