SMARTFOOD: Let The Smart Snacking Begin

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I’ll admit, I don’t always choose the healthiest snack options.  But I am a snack fan, and I know that with as often as I do snack, I should be looking at healthier alternatives. 

I recently got to check out some of the awesome varieties of Smartfood Selects (All Natural Snacks) thanks to BzzAgent as part of the SMARTFOOD Selects BzzCampaign

Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Multigrain Popped Chips


Seriously, these are so delicious!!!!  All that brown sugary goodness in a healthier snack makes the sweet snack fan in me smile.

Sour Cream Onion Flavored Puffed Corn

What I was thinking is that these would make great game day snacks.  I don’t even want to know how many calories we usually pack away while watching a football game.  And these were snacks and flavors the whole family could agree on. 

So if we’re going to consume…why not exchange the sour cream and onion potato chips for the Smartfood Puffed Corn?  Or eat the Cinnamon Brown Sugar Multigrain Popped Chips for something sweet instead of cupcakes.

If you haven’t tried Smartfood yet, I encourage you to, because they aren’t just a better snacking option, they taste so good too.  You can find locations to purchase them here: or they can be purchased on

I’m a BzzAgent and received samples of the above products.

Tammy Litke, literally writes here, there and everywhere about this, that and everything, but her passion is and always has been keeping her family happy. She does so by making family friendly recipes, traveling to family destinations, watching 3D movies and playing video games with them and homeschooling her daughter.

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