Smart Success for 2012

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One of the great things that come with a new year is a new chance to be a better you, whatever that means to you.  It may mean improving your body, engaging your mind or focusing on a deeper spiritual relationship, or perhaps all three.  But kick starting them and maintaining them are two different things!

My main focus this year is to live a more quality life in all three of those aspects, to help me on the body is Bob Harper’s Smart Success products.  I have a number of pounds I’d like to shed thanks to a cruise in late August, a trip to Texas in October and then the Kraft BlogEats conference a week after the Texas trip!  Let’s not forget the extra gift of calories that my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas gave me also.

I’m trying to get the extra boost my body needs to succeed…the smart way!

Using supplements from America’s favorite celebrity trainer, Bob Harper, I’m hoping to kick off 2012 by getting and staying fit.  The Smart Success program starts off with the Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit.

How it works is that you take a daytime formula, which contains naturally sourced caffeine to provide increased energy during the day, and an evening formula, which is caffeine-free. (And since I, up to this point drink a lot of coffee every day, I’m not worried about the caffeine in the product).

The kit also includes a DVD of Bob offering diet and motivational tips and a 30-minute smart workout.

Bob Harper’s Weight Loss Formula includes key weight-loss ingredients that have been clinically proven in two gold-standard clinical studies.  They are vegetarian friendly, dairy-free and gluten-free, and are encased in veggie-caps.

Additional products in the Smart Success program are Multi-Vitamins, a further regimen of the Weight Loss Formula for after the starter kit is done and a Smart 7-Day Cleanse (which I plan to use after our next cruise!). 

So, I started this yesterday.  I’ll update after the first week and then again after I’ve concluded a month after that and let you know the results.  There are some menus included in the Weight Loss Starter Kit, but I probably won’t use them, in a perfect world I would, but when I have to cook for the rest of my family, it just isn’t going to happen.  The daily calories are around 1600-1650 per day, and I’m going to try and count 1200 for myself.  Yes that’s about 400 less than the plan calls for, BUT I’m very petite and most food items are based on a 2000 calorie a day diet (and the reason I have weight to lose is because this tiny frame was eating 2000 calories a day). Taking that in mind, 1200 calories is still a significant amount of food if one is eating according to the food pyramid.  I’ll also be taking the Multi-Vitamin everyday to boost the nutrients I may not be getting because of poor food choices I will probably make.

I weighed myself this morning, and I won’t tell you how much I weighed…because I don’t know.  That’s right because I used the ZERO SCALE that I reviewed in December.  I re-set it and it just showed ‘0.00’ as my weight (isn’t that great?!).  It will show me in the coming weeks though how much I’ve gained and/or lost and so I’ll update you with those figures.

To learn more about the Smart Weight Loss Products you can visit the website at

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