Six Handy Tech Accessories for under $20 on

Media samples of some of these products were provided. Affiliate links are used in this post.
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I would think that most everyone that is reading this post has at least one tech gadget in their home. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, Kindle, Nintendo DS or a digital camera. At the very least you all probably have a TV many of them flat screens that are plasma or LED. And while some of you might be at the library or a friend or family member’s home reading this on their computer, if you’re not doing it on a mobile gadget, you’re viewing this on your own monitor. So what am I getting at? Then there’s at least one item (or more) on this list that will be handy to you (or at least I hope you think so!).

Dust-Off Electronics Duster – msrp $13.49 – 4 pack on Amazon for just $19.48
If you’re like me and you multitask than you probably eat around your computer. Which also means that you’re keyboard collects crumbs among the keys along with the little dust bunnies that tend to lodge themselves under them as well. This canister of compressed-gas is a great dust and lint remover for electronics and to “spring clean” them. Not for use on camera mirrors.

Ultimate Screen Care Kit –  msrp $24.99 – Amazon price $13.98
This is the perfect cleaning solution for electronics. All components are packaged in a zippered storage case that helps consumers keep supplies neat and organized. It can be used on: LCD/Plasma TV, Computer Monitor, Personal Handheld Video Games and Tablet Screens. The kit includes: 50 ml Screen Spray, Screen Shammy Microfiber Cloth for use on various devices, Plasma Screen Microfiber Cloth, CD/DVD Cloth for media disks and Sweep mobile cleaning pad. It’s a great size for traveling (you’d have to repackage the screen spray if flying and putting in a carry on to adhere to TSA rules though) or throwing in your bag – if you’re like me and are obsessively cleaning your phone or tablet screen it’s a must have to bring with you!

Gaming Gear Wipes – msrp $5.99 – Amazon price $3.99
This is an easy way for your kids to keep their gaming gear clean. It ensures that gaming equipment is running at maximum performance levels, and will help avoid potential system crashes that are sometimes associated with dust build up. Tub of 80 wipes.

Virtuoso™ Stylus and Pen for Tablets – msrp $24.99 – Amazon price $9.99
The responsive and sensitive soft tip was specially designed to work on delicate tablet screens and smartphones. It glides more smoothly across your tablet screen than your finger and provides comfort and control whether you’re creating art, annotating files or just replying to an email. The soft tip will never scratch your tablet screen. Of course, there are still times when you have to take notes, sign documents or fill out paper forms. The Virtuoso has you covered there as well because the other end contains a ballpoint pen. And the cap fits snugly over the stylus so losing it is not an option. Available in 13 colors there is a favorite for everyone.

G-ZIP Portable Speaker – msrp $20.00 – Amazon price for the black color $18.98
A fun-sized speaker, G-ZIP is small enough to fit in your hand and loud enough to start a party. Super lightweight and compact, toss it in your bag, purse or backpack – or clip onto a strap. G-ZIP plays with a retractable line-in cable. Available in four colors.

Luster External Battery – msrp $14.99 – Amazon price $14.99
Lipstick design at only 2.57oz, fit easily into your pocket, purse or bag. A whopping 3000mAh capacity enable you run your phone for up to 8 more hours. Available in five colors.

What tech accessory do you own that you find the handiest?

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