Simple DIY Washi & Masking Tape Mother’s Day Jar {Great for Kids to Make}

Mom's Sanity Jar Open and Consume as Needed

Mother’s Day is in just 9 days folks!  I think there’s been a full moon for about 2 months straight now, because all my friends on Facebook keep making status updates like “Send Chocolate” and “I need to go to the store because I’ve eaten all my chocolate” or “The Easter Chocolate is all gone…now what?”  So after seeing a tutorial on HomeTalk on making Washi Tape Vases, I thought I would make a quick afternoon project for all my chocolate deprived Mom readers using a cleaned out gravy jar.

DIY Washi & Masking Tape Mother’s Day Jar

Materials Needed:

Cleaned glass jar with a lid
Washi &/or Masking Tape
round label or paper to fit the jar lid

Seriously this is SO easy.

Just choose the different tapes you want to use.


Starting at one of the seams if the jar has one, holding the tape taut, wrap it around the jar.


When you’ve gone around the circumference of the jar, cut the tape off and start another row.  It’s really just that simple!


Then using your computer print off what you want the label to say, or write it on the label using permanent markers.  Feel free to download and use the label I made for mine (mine is sized for a 2″ lid).  Then adhere it to the lid, using a glue stick if you just use paper.

Mom's Sanity Jar Lid

Fill the jar with Mom’s favorite chocolate candy.

M&M's Mother's Day Treat Jar

And give it to your favorite Mom for Mother’s Day!

Mom's Sanity Jar Open and Consume as Needed

I think most Moms out there would appreciate this 😉  Change the word Mom on the label to Teacher and you’ve got a great end of the year teacher gift too!

19 thoughts on “Simple DIY Washi & Masking Tape Mother’s Day Jar {Great for Kids to Make}

  1. My mom's sanity jar would be consumed within a day. That's how much maintenance it takes to keep myself together. 😉 Super cute idea, Tammy!

  2. This is so pretty! This is an easy and great gift idea to give and fill it up with candy. My Mom loves candy and getting it in this cute jar is awesome.

  3. I noticed in the store the other day how many different patterns there are in washi tape. This is easy and cute.

  4. That is a great idea! Too bad my husband doesn't go on line to look up things for the kids to make me! ha ha

  5. This seems like a fun and fairly easy craft project! I love those. It's very cute and I'd have to fill mine with M& M's too.

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