Shaving tips and P&G brandSAVER offers from Gillette and Dollar General + Give Away

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On behalf of Gillette and Dollar General I have some smart grooming tips for the men in our lives to share. They’ve enlisted the help of Celebrity Stylist Marcus Geeter to share some of his insights on how to get a great shave using products from Dollar General and Gillette.

I’m not big on male facial hair (LOL!) and so when my husband and I first started dating, I made sure he was always clean shaven . I have one gripe though, rather than shaving in the morning, my husband shaves before bed…so that means when 5’oclock rolls around, he doesn’t have a 5’oclock shadow….he has a 10’oclock shadow .

The September P&G brandSAVER and October P&G brandSAVER will feature some great deals on Gillette products, all available at your local Dollar General store. Unlike some other “dollar stores”, you can use P&G brandSAVER coupons at Dollar General to get high-quality P&G products at great prices.

The September P&G brandSAVER is arriving in local newspapers Sunday, August 26.

September P&G brandSaver offers
• Buy any Gillette system or disposable and get $5 off a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor
• Buy any Gillette system or disposable and get a MACH3 Razor FREE
$3 off any Gillette male disposable

Twitter Party:
There will also be a #GNO Twitter party with Mom it Forward on Tuesday, September 25th and they would love for you to join them! They will be discussing shaving tips and pet peeves and some of the great Gillette Products you can find at Dollar General.

I am disclosing that Procter & Gamble provided me with product samples and are providing the giveaway prize packages. The opinions in this post are based on my own experiences and beliefs of this product, were not influenced by what I received and the company did not ask nor expect me to positive a positive or negative review.

In order to help you and your man with your shaving needs I have a Prize Pack for two of my readers which includes:
• Gillette MACH3 Razor
• Simply Venus Disposable Razors (4 pack)
• $20 Dollar General Gift Card

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119 thoughts on “Shaving tips and P&G brandSAVER offers from Gillette and Dollar General + Give Away

  1. Use shampoos and conditioners that you don't like but don't want to just throw away as shaving cream/gel.

  2. I always use shave gel when I shave and make sure to use a lotion with moisturizers afterward. Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  3. I use cheap hair conditioner as shaving cream. Saves money and leaves my skin very soft

  4. Never shave dry!! (I've made that mistake too many times!)
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  5. My tip is to shave with conditioner! It leaves my skin soft, and less dry than regular shaving creams.

  6. My favorite tip is to shave after showering so the hair is soft.

  7. Make sure the use shaving cream and always check your razor to see if it is still ok to use or if you need to change the blade or get another disposable razor.

  8. My tip is to have really smooth and soft skin use bar soap instead of shaving cream while shaving!

  9. I always use a cheap hair conditioner as a shaving cream. Works wonderfully! And is much cheaper than regular stuff and not as drying as soap.

  10. Use good quality shavers. It is always tempting to buy what is cheap, but unless you want cuts all over, get the ones that work.

  11. My tip, from bitter experience, is don't rush. If you don't have time to go slow and careful, don't shave.

  12. I use hair conditioner to shave…it keeps your legs super smooth and keeps my from getting any razor burn =)

  13. Before I go to shave I let lotion sit on my skin for 30 minutes or more, then I use plenty of shaving cream, I prefer EOS

  14. ran out of shaving cream? use some conditioner that you never use! makes your skin silky smooth too!

  15. dip your razor in rubbing alcohol to help prevent infections

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  16. Store your razor upright and dry, to prevent germs that can cause shaving bumps. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. always shave when your legs are wet and have soap/shaving cream on them.never shave dry

  18. My shaving tip is to never shave dry because it irritates the skin and can cause a rash.

  19. I like the tip about applying a warm, wet towel for a minute or two, but that doesn't work so well for the ladies who have a larger area to cover than the face/neck – instead I make sure that I've had plenty of time to soak in the shower before shaving. 🙂

  20. always use a fresh razor and shaving cream, never ever dry shave your legs or any where. It leaves nasty red bumps that burn.

  21. the more blades the better…unless you dont use shaving cream…neve4r forget the shaving cream!

  22. I usually put hair conditioner on my legs when I shave it seems to make my legs smoother

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