Senior Security Solutions with Master Lock

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My daughter is turning 20 this month…20!!  I was 20 when my husband and I got married and truth be told I thought my parents were old at the time.  In retrospect I realize they really weren’t, but now my parents are actually older, and their lifestyle and needs for security have changed.

Here are a few security tips that we have found useful for implementing solutions for seniors.


Senior Security Solutions

  1. Set up an easy to use digital mobile safety deposit box.


While my dad still hasn’t given the 90’s back his flip phone, my mom is becoming well versed in using a tablet and computer.  Setting seniors up with an account on Master Lock Vault is helpful for them and for family members.  Master Lock Vault is like a digital mobile safety deposit box that can be accessed via cellular service or wi-fi.  It’s a great place to keep digital copies of medical and prescription information, documents, certificates, and important numbers at the tips of their fingers.  It’s can also be handy for children to have that information available so if needed in an emergency, they are able to give medical information, personal data or other information that is stored on Master Lock Vault without having to hunt through a bunch of files and paperwork.

2. Using a door security bar adds to peace of mind.


A dual function door security bar for hinged and sliding doors resists forced entry through them.  This adds a level of protection and is a smart option that allows for seniors who live on their own to feel more secure, especially for those who might not be able to protect themselves should a home intrusion occur.

3. Never leave the door key under the mat.


Old habits die hard, and many seniors likely have a non-secure hiding spot for an extra key.  A better idea is to use a key safe, keeping the key only in the hands of family members, trustworthy friends or workers.  Owners can set their own combination to give to others, increasing security to their residence.

4. If traveling is in retirement plans, then a personal portable safe is a must.


Many older adults spend their nest egg traveling for months at a time.  Often that means renting or leasing a home away from home that includes services but not necessarily a safe place to keep things like credit cards, cash, jewelry or passports.  A simple solution to that problem is a personal portable safe like the Master Lock SpaceSafe.    The safe includes a cable to wrap securely around a fixed object or use as a carrying handle, so it’s useful for keeping in a room or taking along with you as an extra security measure.

5. Protect important information and items when living in a group setting.

fire safe

We all hope that if our parents or grandparents rent their residence or live in an assisted living facility that the leasers and staff are trusted individuals.  Of course we know that’s not always the case.  You’ll want to ensure that they have a fire safe to secure their valuables and important documents. You may consider getting the Sentry Safe Combination Fire Safe which is both fire, water and tamper resistant, but doesn’t take up a large amount of space.  It’s also good for protecting priceless mementos like old photos and letters, rather than just having them in a drawer or cardboard box where they have a chance of being ruined or destroyed in the event of a flood or fire.

As grown children my siblings and I realize that security and safety is a greater concern for our parents than it has been in the past.  My dad is is creeping toward 80 and my mom is not far behind that.  It’s why we trust Master Lock products which fit their lifestyle and are affordable. Their “Tough Under Fire” construction makes them reliable and the products are easy-to-use, even for seniors!

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  1. We have a safe and these tips are so good for my Elderly father. He needs a small portable safe for his keys and other items. I need to get him a key safe.

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