Sea- Bands Review

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Just before we went on our Alaskan cruise last month, I was contacted to review a pair of Sea-Bands.  Since we always take Bonine when we go on cruises, I thought this might be a nice change to not have to take pills each day in order to control the ‘sea-sick’ effect.  The company was kind enough to send a pair for each family member, which was a neat way to test the effectiveness of them on different levels of nausea susceptibility.  So let me tell you how they did!

Even before we left home, my husband actually tried them out.  We play a lot of video games that simulate and have immersive graphics.  If you’ve ever played games like that you know that they can make your stomach do flip-flops.  After he found that “sweet spot” (the Nei Kuan acupressure point) on his wrist that the Sea-Bands need, my husband wore them for an evening of game play, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they worked well to tame that feeling.

As for on the ship, I was the only one to try them out, my daughter didn’t want to take a chance at being sick at all, and since she knows the Bonine works for her, she opted to just keep taking those.  My husband doesn’t particularly care for the looks of them (think athletic sweat bands), and didn’t want to wear them around in public, even though they worked quite well for the video games.  I did find that they worked well enough for me when the water wasn’t overly choppy, however my stomach still felt queasy when the swells were at 8 to 12 feet, and when we went on a smaller boat out whale watching one day.  They say they work if you apply more pressure to the plastic stud on the band – but since I was trying to sleep and take pictures of whales…that wasn’t very convenient at the time…so I had to supplement the Sea-Bands with some Bonine in those cases.

Besides using them for travel and video gaming, they are an option for morning sickness when pregnant.  A commenter on my Facebook Page mentioned that she used them for Morning (noon and Night) sickness too, and they helped! 🙂

You can purchase Sea-Bands online for a mrsp of $9.99.


3 thoughts on “Sea- Bands Review

  1. I would definitely get these on my next cruise, it is not pleasant at all to have sea sickness, I did not enjoy morning sickness either and I do wish I had these to try!

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