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So I’ve really been enjoying the reviews I’ve been able to do about clothing and accessories here on my blog.  Like most moms, I’m at the bottom of the list when it comes to getting new clothes, and so it’s been a fun thing to be able to pick out some new stuff just for me and then get to share them with you all.

A website named Rose Wholesale e-mailed me and asked if I would review a couple of their products.  I took a peek at their online store, and after viewing their website, I decided to take them up on their offer.  Rose Wholesale has A LOT of different clothing items and accessories.  Shoes, sweaters, pants, dresses, jewelry, handbags, the whole kit and kaboodle so to speak.  The prices are incredibly affordable too.  Here is one of the items that I chose to review.

This is the “Thicken Hooded Long Cardigan For Women,” in blue (it also comes in gray, green and apricot).  When I stumbled upon it on their site, I looked at it and thought “This would keep me so cozy on a chilly winter evening.”  It reminded me of the sweaters I used to wear in junior high (you know all those 80’s styles of sweaters are everywhere in the stores right now!).  I was a little nervous about getting it because it was labeled as “One Size.”  But I figured if it didn’t fit, I could just wear it around the house.  It was a little larger than I expected especially in the sleeves and it’s really roomy in the chest area, but you should also know that I’m only 4’9″ tall and weigh about 100 pounds.  So I’m not exactly the target size for “one size” either.   Even though the cardigan is too big on me, I am using it as a robe around the home and it kept me toasty warm during the ice storm we had earlier this month.  I took a photo of the inner lining, it’s so very plush and soft.

You will have to wash it a few times though as the lining leaves a lot of lint.  I only washed it once and the lint trap was very full on my dryer, and then it still left quite a bit of lint on my pants.  I’m hoping that after a few washes it won’t do that any more.

These are the “Stylish Lace-Up Solid Color Good Cut Cotton Blend Harem Pants For Women.”

I kind of love these pants.  They really aren’t like Harem Pants at all (I know I was taking a risk ordering anything with the name Harem Pants in the description…once again my teenage self is calling out to me). They are definitely more like leggings and these were a size medium so they do run on the small side.

I can’t wait to wear these on a night out, maybe for New Years with a tunic top that has some bright colors to it.  The back pocket flaps and front tie make them fun, and they are perfect skinny leggings for those of us that like wearing longer tops.  And they really are quite comfortable too.  These pants are for sale on for $10.11 USD.  I know right?!  They washed up really nice the first time I threw them in the machine, I did hang them to dry.  You can see the lint on them from the cardigan, so I’m going to have to wash them again to get that off if I plan on wearing them to party :D.

Would you wear something like this?  What’s your favorite style to wear?

*Product sent for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I have an obsession with cardigans and this might be my next one! It looks so warm and cozy!

  2. I love that jacket- it's definitely big on you but even still it looks cute! &It looks SUPER soft! Thanks for the head's up about the lint though, hate when that happens!

  3. I would live in that sweater. I love big cozy clothes when it is cold out. And the pants are adorable. Plus only $10, that is a steal.

  4. The lining on that sweater looks so comfy! I love chunky oversized sweaters, there is nothing better to cuddle up in on a cold day.

  5. Well, today has been unseasonably warm, but I'd most definitely wear that cardigan on those super cold days. Those pants also look very comfortable.

  6. I know that you're practically swimming in that sweater but it does look SO comfy!! I think it's perfect for wearing on a cold night at home! 🙂 I have the same issue with one size fits all…at 5'2", nothing ever really fits me. LOL

  7. I actually love large sweaters so so much. I wear my husband's all the time so I would order this too. It looks so cozy and warm.

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