RoseArt Color Blanks

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Do you have an artist in your home?  A child that is always coloring, doodling and using their creative juices to decorate?  I do.  Amber is always drawing something whether it’s on scrap paper, napkins, place mats or digitally on her computer.

RoseArt has these design-free figurines called Color Blanks that provide fun canavases for children to discover their inner artist.  These collectable poseable, plastic figures can be decorated with markers, stickers, and more.

Now Amber has always been a little unconventional, so when she got an Easter Bunny Color Blank to decorate I knew it wouldn’t be your ‘typical’ Easter Bunny when she was done with it.  And I certainly wasn’t off the mark either…

Yes, it’s a Ninja Bunny…and you wondered how the Easter Eggs got hidden?  Why the bunny ninja’s them of course!

Amber really liked that the markers that came with the package don’t smear after 30 seconds, but it only includes 3 colors, so she used some of our own permanent markers to complete her design. 

She did mention that it was hard to color some of the bunny, like under the feet, arms and hands.  And that you have to have patience to complete it, because even though the markers don’t smear after 30 seconds, if you work too quickly you can smudge uncolored parts of your character with the residue that you get on your fingers.

We worked with a napkin underneath the bunny so we wouldn’t make a mess on the table.

Whose Easter basket is this good for?

Any child who you want to inspire to let their imaginations run wild!  There are endless ways to personalize them.  There are all kinds of varieties including the holiday themed ones, and portable Clip-A-Blanks too! 

Color Blanks are available to purchase online.

*I was sent a sample to try Color Blanks.

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