Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Color Gloss Collection

Celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan recently introduced the newest in her Ultimate Shine Color Gloss collection in the following forumlas: Brown, Red, and Blonde.

The Ulitmate Shine Color Gloss ads lustrous shine to help color-treated hair maintain its vibrancy between salon visits.  After spending countless hours in the laboratory perfecting each shade, Hazan is pleased to expand her existing line (which included Breaking Brass and Clear Gloss) to address these specialized hair colors.

As I just recently went to the salon and dropped some cash on having my hair professionally colored (something I haven’t done in a long, long time), I was especially interested in trying this product.  I was sent the Clear Gloss which adds high shine and vibrancy to all hair shades.

The formula is a foam mousse type of product, I used two pumps for my short hair.  You apply it after you shampoo, leave it in for 3-5 minutes (since I don’t mind relaxing in the warm shower spray I tend to leave it on for the longer span) rinse and then condition.

I received a media sample of this product for review purposes.

I’ve been blow drying and flat ironing my hair with my new cut, and I have very thick hair.  I haven’t noticed a ‘high’ shine, but the color is definitely not flat like it is before I started using the product and it makes my hair soft, so I’ll give it that.  The bonus to using it is, if I can stretch out my color job by a week or two with using it, a bottle at $26.00 will pay for itself after a few salon visits, since you only need to use it 2-4 times a week.  Those of you with longer hair won’t get as many uses out of a bottle, but you pay more to have your hair colored too.  So it might even be more of a bargain 🙂  I like that the Clear Gloss can be used with any color because if you decide to change your color before you’re done the bottle, it can still work for you.  I feel very confident in using this product since it is formulated by a color expert.

• Blonde/Highlights: Brightens and illuminates blonde hair and highlights while restoring sheen to dull hair
• Brown: Restores richness and depth to brown hair while preventing color fading
• Red: Adds a hint of red tones back into hair; restores vibrancy and intentsity
• Breaking Brass: Tones down brassiness and orange hues, and helps counteract warmth and restores vibrancy and shine to hair.  It even elimates yellow from gray hair
• Clear Gloss: Adds high shine and vibrancy to all hair shades

• Coconut fatty provides hair detangling and softening effects
• Panthenol and Pro Vitamin B5 provides moisturizing and conditioning
• Silk protein in silk amino acid add moisture to the hair and boosts shine
• Formulated without parabens, sulfates and alcohol

• Prevents hair color fading and dullness
• Simple to use, lightweight, mess-free
• Can be used immediately following professional color treatment

Availability: Rita Hazan Salon, RitaHazan.com, Sephora, Ulta and Amazon.com

Do you get your hair professionally colored or do you do it yourself?

10 thoughts on “Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Color Gloss Collection

  1. I just colored my hair last week because my stylist is pregnant and I didn't want her to have to handle extra chemicals because of me. I was going to wait until she had her baby to get my hair done, but I had so much gray that I gave in and did it myself.

  2. I get so ticked when my color fades from a hair product. I hardly ever get good shine from my annoying hair, but color preservation is key.

  3. For the past 3 years I get it colored in the salon but before that I did my own for 20 years.

  4. I don't normally color my hair, but I've been considering it recently. I really like that shade of my natural hair color and would probably have it dyed the same color (minus the new gray).

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