Review ~ PlayTown: My Story Maker App

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PlayTown: My Story Maker is an Android and iOS app that allows your child to turn your tablet or phone into a story studio!

The PlayTown app is free to download and consists of three Adventure Playsets to help your child get started; Pirate’s Treasure Hunt, Travel Around the World and Princess Party.  Additional playsets can be purchased for $1.99.

If you have a child ages 3-9 that enjoys using their imagination to creat their own stories, this is an awesome app.  PlayTown allows your child to incorporate characters, change the way they look, change accessories and scenes and on each page they create they can record the story with the mobile device’s built in microphone.  And then they can share their story creation!

PlayTown features both a parent and a child tutorial guide.  When first launching the app the guide explains quite clearly with prompts on how the child can begin creating their own story, from adding and changing the characters to switching the stage and recording their words.  I think the app would be a bit difficult for a three year old to navigate themselves, but school aged children should have no trouble creating their very own story.  One can also toggle the sound effects of the characters on or off in the settings, which I appreciate very much as they were after a time getting annoying to this mama’s ears.

I liked the fact that the playsets all have a different look and feel.  The Pirate Adventure is very cartoonish, while the Princess Party Playset has a Manga feel to it (which even my 17 year old decided was cool).  My favorite was the Travel Around the World Adventure which would be a wonderful playset to incorporate into a homeschooling lesson for geography.

Press the balloon in the upper right hand corner on the home page and you’re taken to a gallery of PlayTown productions from other users, plus you can access all of your own playsets that you’ve saved in “My Theater.”

You can learn more about PlayTown: My Story Maker here:  You can also connect with the app on Facebook.

7 thoughts on “Review ~ PlayTown: My Story Maker App

  1. This app reminds me a little bit of toontastic which is my boy's very favorite app. I think they would really love this one and it would give them some variety! I like that extra sets are only $1.99, sometimes the apps get pricey.

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