Review: Ology Products

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Through the Mom’s Meet program (May Media Group LLC), I was asked to review the Ology Detergent from Walgreens.  They sent me a number of sample sized packages to try out on my laundry and asked me to share my thoughts about it.  My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product, but you may be interested in reading what I think about it 🙂

Walgreens created Ology™, a brand of household cleaners as well as paper, personal care, and baby products. They are designed to help give you peace of mind.

Ology products contain no harmful chemicals and are 100% tree-free. They are safer for you, your family, and the environment.

While I personally prefer scent in my laundry products, my husband has sensitive skin.  So using this detergent on his clothes was a good test since Ology works hard to avoid toxic chemicals in their products and the laundry detergent I was sent is fragrance free (it also comes in a Spring Lavender Vanilla scent).

My husband sits at a desk all day so he doesn’t really get his clothes “dirty,” however in the Texas heat he can sweat a bunch just by being outside doing some of the routine yard work.  That makes for some stinky t-shirts folks.  It worked well enough cleaning his clothes and the load of towels I did with it, and the odors were removed as well, and the clothes just smelled…well like nothing – which is the point of ‘fragrance free,’ right?  So I guess I can say, it works, at least on normal loads of laundry that aren’t overly soiled.

I also got to try out the Ology™ All-Purpose Cleaner.

I wasn’t crazy about the scent, the lavender is pretty strong and over powers the lemon, but I have to say it made nice work of cleaning up our kitchen table and cut through the grease and grime of my stove top effortlessly.

I like that Ology makes eco-friendly cleaning easy, because I don’t have time to sit and read labels.  I don’t have to hunt for the information, it’s all right there on the front of the packaging.  Like the fact that their Paper Towels are 100% Tree-Free.  Can you read the packaging on the picture?  Their paper towels are made from Sugarcane Husk & Bamboo – how innovative is that?!

I’m no sissy when it comes to making messes.  No siree, I excel at it as a matter of fact.  And the bigger the mess, the less likely I’ll use a re-usable cloth to wipe it up with, because that would mean I’d have another mess to wash.  So I expect that when I reach for a paper towel it’s going to be able to effectively clean that mess.   

I was pleased to see that Ology Paper Towels had a bit more strength to them than other eco-friendly paper towels I have purchased in the past.  I had no issues with using them on the nasty spills without tearing.   I can’t say how they would stand up to cleaning with though, because I use microfiber cloths for that.

Overall, I’d say that I would purchase Ology products again.  Since I have a Walgreens close by and the products’ pricing is in line with competitor’s of the ‘non-green’ variety, it’s really not an issue of if I will, but when I will.

To learn more about Ology you can connect with Walgreens on social media here:

Walgreens on Facebook
Walgreens on Twitter
Walgreens on Google+

5 thoughts on “Review: Ology Products

  1. I too miss it when my clean laundry smells like nothing. In the past I have found paper products like these to be a little wimpy. Glad to hear these are better.

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