QuickFlics App | Get Those Videos Off Your Phone!

‘Fess up; How many of you have precious room being taken up on your phone’s drive with videos?  Sure you may have posted one or two of them to Facebook, but in general, I’m guessing A LOT of you might have a gig or two of space that could be freed up, if you just got them off of your phone!  Of course we can’t just delete them, because they chronicle memories.  Some of you may upload them to the cloud, but do you watch them from there?  (Kudos to you if you do, and I mean that!)  If I’ve peaked your interest at all by this point, you will want to read morea bout the QuickFlics app, which is a service that delivers your mobile videos on a DVD right to your mailbox.

QuickFlics is a new iOS app (releasing soon on Android) where you can upload your videos from your mobile device and have them transfered to a DVD.


The app is pretty easy to use.  You create an account (you do need to enter credit card information for billing purposes), and then you just add the videos you want on your DVD.  That’s it!  Each month you can upload up to 2GB on one DVD. 


If by chance you don’t need the service every month, that’s okay too.  You have the option of selecting $7.99 per month subscription (that you can cancel anytime!) or you can just order a single disc whenever you want for only $9.99. The choice is yours!

I had the chance to try the service out.  I had a few videos that had been sitting on my iPad for three or four years, so I uploaded those.




A few days after finishing my order this showed up in the mail:

I inserted it in my DVD player and voila!

This is a simple way to get those videos off your mobile devices into a format that makes them easier for everyone to watch at once.  At both $7.99 for the subscription and $9.99 for the one time use isn’t that costly either. 

And you have the option of ordering additional copies, and every additional disc you send only costs $4.99!  If relatives live far away, this holiday season this app might come in really handy to send some DVDs out of the kids’ holiday concerts or your holiday merry making so everyone no matter where they live can enjoy the seasonal activities you took part in.

If you want to try it out I have an exclusive 50% off promo code for you all threedifferentdirectionsQF50  All you have to do is enter the promo code here https://quickflics.com/promo-code/ and it will be applied to your QuickFlics account.

Do you have a lot of videos taking up space on your mobile devices?

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