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scooThese days, back up battery power for your phone is a must-have.  I’ve seen all kinds of portable batteries from lipstick tubes to power banks.  But this is the first time I’ve seen a purse with battery charger.Purse with battery chargerI’m not sure what I love more about this Crossbody Power Purse by Chic Buds–the fact that it can charge my phone on the go, the punch of color it gives to my outfits or the fact that it’s made of soft vegan leather. It’s hard to find cool tech, never mind the fact that I can carry a wallet, my keys and a necessary lipstick in it too, and it’s under $70! And if yellow isn’t your color… it comes in 12 other ones too.

The yellow one I received is pretty fab, especially when styled with black, navy or red.  It matches with more than you’d think!

The Crossbody Power Purses are a chic style and thoughtfully designed. They feature a 3000 mAh battery, which is more than one full charge for most smartphones.You do have to supply your own USB cord to plug into the OUT port to plug in to your phone.  (I suggest using a shorter one than I had, it fits in the pocket with my phone but it is a bit unwieldy.  On the other hand it gives you lots of length if you still want to use it while it is charging 😉 ).  Most of us have a few laying around, and if you don’t they’re pretty inexpensive to pick up an extra to keep one in the purse.If you aren’t using your phone, keep it in the satin lined front pocket with the cord.  I have the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Idol 3 in the pocket which is 6″.  The pocket itself is about 7″ so it has room for some of the largest phones out there.

The battery and the IN cord to charge it, are in the main compartment in a zippered pocket at the top.  It is small and light and if you didn’t know it was there… well you wouldn’t know it was there!There are a couple of other pockets to store credit cards, license, tissues, keys or whatever you want handy. If you want to put a wallet in it, you’ll need a smaller European style one (fold over) as most of the longer ones won’t fit.  The strap has a few notches to adjust the length, and has a chic chain fashion element to it.It doesn’t matter if you are Team Apple or Team Android, you can’t go wrong for on-the-go charging either way when you go step out with the Crossbody Power Purse.

I love that my purse can now double as a phone charger.  So fabulous for when I want to keep up with social media on a day/night out or while listening to my favorite tunes while mall walking (Hey no judging, it gets hot here in Texas in summer! The air conditioned mall is a great place to power walk 😉 ).  However you use up your phone’s battery power, well the Crossbody Power Purse has your back when you get the dreaded beep from your phone letting you know your battery is low.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be my every day go-t0 purse from now on 🙂  As long as I remember to keep the internal battery charged I’ll never run out of power again!If you’re looking for something a little smaller, check out the Clutchette Power.  This stylish wallet charges your gadgets too ($49.99).  Tech can be stylish if you know where to look, and Chic Buds has some of our very favorite tech.

3 thoughts on “Fashionable Technology for On-The-Go

  1. Thanks for sharing about this. A very good thing for those of us that want extra battery power on the go!

  2. oooh this is a nice crossbody bag and I can NEVER have enough battery power for my phone 😉

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