Portable Powermat for Techie Travelers

You’ll never find our TV tuned to ESPN and the first Sunday of February you will find our family playing WoW instead of watching the Superbowl.  If I get separated from my husband in the store, I’m never worried, because I know I’ll find him in the electronics section.

Combine a technology product with a travel product and you literally have my family drooling, I mean what’s better for a geeky family that’s always on the go, than a Portable Powermat?

This means we’ll never again have to pack a dozen charging gadgets with us when we go away.

The Portable Powermat allows you to charge up to three items at once, while only having the Powermat plugged in.  If you do any kind of traveling you know how convenient that is. 

On our last cruise we could only find one accessible outlet to use in our main cabin space (and we were on the ship for two weeks!).  We were constantly unplugging one item and then when it was only half charged, plugging in another just to get a bit of juice in each.  The Portable Powermat would have been an ideal solution for us.

It comes with eight Powercube Tips (not all are shown in the picture) that will fit almost any device you will use it for.  Just find the appropriate tip, attach it to the Universal Powercube Receiver, fit the tip into your device, place the Receiver on the Powermat and you’re already charging (you’ll get a neat ‘sci-fi’ noise and a light will come on in the section you’re using to let you know it’s charging).

The Portable Powermat is easily foldable and takes up minimal space.

There are special Docks and Receivers for numerous items, like the iPod and Nintendo DS.  Attach them to your device and just drop it on the Powermat when it needs charging.  How easy is that?

Powermat also comes in a Home and Office version which is sleek looking, so you are able to leave it in a visible location at all times, without sacrificing aesthetics.

The convenience of the Portable Powermat comes at a bit of a price.  The cost is about $100, and the specialized adaptors and additional Powercube Receivers run between $30-$40.

However the cost may negate itself if you travel a lot.  Imagine the space you can save in your carry-on, by not having to pack five different chargers in your carry-on.  With baggage charges rising every quarter, the cost of the Portable Powermat may not take long to recoup.

The other feature we wish it had is a larger case for the Powercube Tips.  Currently the case that comes with the Portable Powermat, only holds some of them.  It would be nice if it came with a case or pouch that held all of them at one time.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the product mentioned above for free for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own and this product may not have the same results for all people, please do additional research of your own when purchasing products mentioned in reviews.

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