Play With Your Food and Refuel with Kool-Aid Easy Mix

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Play With Your Food and Refuel with Kool-Aid Easy Mix.How many times have you had to tell your kids not to play with their food?  Well plan a fun afternoon with these kid friendly ideas and let them play all they want!  With a fun car theme they’ll love making, playing, eating and refueling.  The best part for mom is that it’s all easy to prepare including the Kool-Aid Easy Mix.  Whether you’re just spending the day at home or planning a party, these snacks will be enjoyed by all.

Refueling Station

You can start by putting together a ‘Refueling Station.’   We chose to use the Grape flavor since it would resemble gasoline the closest, but it also comes in Tropical Punch and Cherry flavors as well.
Kool-Aid Easy Mix LiquidI had a chance to sample the Cherry flavor when I attended a demo at my Walmart and then I purchased all three flavors for $2.78 each.  You’ll find them in the aisle with the other beverage mixes.Kool-Aid Easy Mix Liquid at WalmartIt’s so simple to make a large container of Kool-Aid Easy Mix.  Just measure out the amount from the directions on the side of the package to make either a glass or a pitcher (makes 6 quarts or 3 pitchers), add water, and you’re done!  It doesn’t get much easier than that 🙂Kool-Aid Easy Mix LiquidJust add water to Kool-Aid Easy Mix LiquidLabel your pitcher as a ‘Refueling Station’ and let the kids fill up their cups when they are thirsty.

Kool-Aid Easy Mix Refueling StationRace Car Hot Dogs

Race Car Hot DogTo go along with our car theme, I also picked up some hot dogs, buns, a cucumber and some cherry tomatoes.  Cook the hot dogs and put them into the buns, and then with dry spaghetti sticks let the kids add wheels with cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes.  Let them add their toppings and then have fun chowing down on their race cars!  The kids we had over to make them asked to have them the next night for dinner again!Race Car Hot Dogs with cucumbers and cherry tomatoes as wheels

Traffic Signal Cheese Sticks

Traffic Signal Cheese SticksUsing red, yellow and green peppers, some cheese sticks and a straw you can make some traffic signal cheese sticks.
Cut the peppers into strips and cut the cheese sticks in half.  Then using a straw punch out holes in the cheese stick and then punch out pieces of the peppers.  Place the pepper pieces inside the holes you made in the cheese to make traffic lights.
Use cheese sticks, peppers & a straw to create Traffic Signal Cheese SticksTraffic Signal Cheese Sticks and Kool-Aid Easy Mix Refueling StationThese easy and fun food items will keep your kids smiling all afternoon or evening as they play with their cars and refuel with Kool-Aid Easy Mix and these snacks.
What flavor of Kool-Aid Easy Mix do you think your family would like best?

3 thoughts on “Play With Your Food and Refuel with Kool-Aid Easy Mix

  1. To answer your question, I think that my son would like grape best. He has never had Kool-Aid, but I know that he will love it. I’ll have to go pick some up.

  2. That hot dog is the cutest thing I’ve seen ever!!!! And how you made those traffic lights has got to be epic. I’m serious, I’m just not as crafty with food as I am with making greeting cards.

  3. The Kool-Aid Easy Mix looks great! The powdery kind always ends up dusting my kitchen, making it dangerous when wet. Lol
    I love the drink station idea and those little stop lights! This would be perfect for a birthday party!

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