Planters Introduces New Heart Healthy Almonds and Pistachios

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We’ve been a little ‘nuts’ around here this past week, and not just because my parents came to visit us. (JOKING MOM, joking!) Actually we’ve been eating snack nuts packed full of nutrition, healthy fats and fiber.

Here’s a look at some new varieties of Planters Nuts new for 2012 that you can find on major supermarket and convenience store shelves nationwide.

The variety we liked best was the Planters Pistachio Blend. These are available in a 10 oz & 12.75 oz bag. This is a delicious blend of pistachios, peanuts, almonds and cashews. A one ounce serving is 160 calories, but has 6 grams of protein. Since different nuts have different benefits this is a great choice to get all the benefits these 4 types of nuts offer. They were very satisfying as a snack too. Kind of like trail mix….but with just nuts!

My daughter and I didn’t overly care for the Planters Sea Salt and Black Pepper In-Shell Pistachios, although we quickly at through the bag of Dry Roasted Pistachios. However, my parents thought they were good nuts. The difference between these ones and the Planters Dry Roasted Pistachios is the seasoning. You can really taste the pepper on the Sea Salt and Black Pepper variety, so I suggest not putting a handful in your mouth at one time, unless of course you like that kick and have a full glass of water next to you! Both varieties though will satisfy any salty cravings you might have.

I love that these nuts are good for your heart health*. They all contain heart-healthy omega-3 fats, but the Planters Dry Roasted and Salted Almonds also are an excellent source of the antioxidant Vitamin E. They are a great food for overall health. These were also a favorite of ours to eat. You can buy them in a 6 oz. bag. Again this is a good snack to indulge a ‘salt’ craving if you have one. I’ve enjoyed adding them to my yogurt and salads.

The ingredients in all the new Planters Almonds & Pistachios that we tried are simple. Just nuts and the added sea salt and pepper. No added oils or preservatives.

With the ones we liked, we had a problem with portion control though! Yes, they are healthy to snack on, but nuts are high in calories, so you have to watch how many you eat. We found that putting one or two ounces in a small serving bowl, closing the bag and putting it back in the cupboard helped us to regulate that. Portioning them out in little plastic baggies or containers for energy boosts when you’re working out is a great idea too.

I also really like the packaging of these nuts. Rather than a jar or canister they come in re-sealable bags. They’re easy to store in your pantry and to transport if you want to take them with you somewhere. Something else you might want to note about these nuts is that Planters Almonds and Pistachios come from the groves of the Western United States.

* Scientific evidence suggests but does not prove that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as almonds and pistachios, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol and not resulting in increased caloric intake may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Suggested retail price for these products are Planters Almonds $3.49 and Planters Pistachios $6.99. For more information visit

“I wrote this review on behalf of Kraft Foods and received product samples to facilitate my candid review. I received no compensation and all opinions are my own.”

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