Pie Five Comes to Lewisville, TX!

Pie Five PIzza Co.
Thanks to Pie Five for hosting my family for dinner to try their pizzas and share about their new location.

If you’re familiar with the North Texas area and you drive State Highway 121 regularly you’ll notice the area is booming.  The Lewisville Castle Hills area is flourishing, and one of the newest business to open its doors in that area is Pie Five.  Pie Five is a favorite pizza place of many and it’s newest restaurant in the DFW area is conveniently located on State Highway 121 right by the new Kroger Marketplace and not far from Nebraska Furniture Mart.  If you’ve never been to a Pie Five before, it’s a fast casual pizzeria.

What makes Pie Five a great place to grab a pizza is the selection of crusts and toppings guests can choose from for a personalized pizza experience, in just five minutes!  Of course they have some of their own recommended house selections on their menu board as well.  Pie Five offers a pretty good bang for your buck.  You can get an individual pizza, either a salad or dessert & a fountain drink for $9.99.
That shaker on the left in the picture below, that’s Pie Five’s signature “Magic Dust,” a blend of cheese and herbs, that you can add on top of your baked pizza.In addition to pizzas, Pie Five also serves up signature salads, and yummy dessert ‘pies’ as well.
If you’re looking for a place to work and grab a bite to eat, Pie Five is an ideal location since they also offer free Wi-Fi to their guests 🙂

So what did we think of our pizzas? They were really good 🙂  The crust was done to perfection on the outside but still soft on the inside, plenty of cheese and toppings and the sauce was just right with enough flavor but not too spicy.  We went on their opening day too, and they were getting out those pizzas to the crowd with efficiency.

To celebrate the new Pie Five location (4600 S.H. 121), 20 percent of dinner sales from May 4 to May 7 will be donated to the East Zone of Lewisville Independent School District.  On Friday, May 8, the restaurant will offer one free pizza per person from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. and will present a check to Lewisville ISD.

With the new DFW location, Pie Five is also rolling out a LTO signature pizza – the Maui

Wowwi! The new Maui Wowwi pizza comes on an Artisan Thin crust and is topped with tangy BBQ sauce, savory ham, smoky bacon, crisp red onions, and sweet pineapple, then finished with fresh cilantro. The recipe was created by Patty Scheibmeir, vice president of R&D and product innovation. She actually was the one responsible for creating stuffed crust pizza for Pizza Hut – kind of a pizza celebrity!

So if you’re in the area – make your way over to the Pie Five in Lewisville and support the LISD.

If you’ve been to a Pie Five before what’s your favorite pizza?

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