Back Up Your Smartphone Photos Easily With Picture Keeper Connect

The Picture Keeper Connect unit I received for review was a 16GB USB/Lightning™ flash drive, which I tested in depth with my iPhone.

You guys, I have to admit that I hoard pictures on my iPhone.  I take them and then leave them on there, I’ve had my iPhone for nearly a year and I’ve not backed those photos up anywhere!  It is a terrible problem because I have photos from when I went to a Luke Bryan concert, Disneyland and the Turks & Caicos on there.  If my phone ever went kablooie I wouldn’t have any of those photos any more.
picture keeper

And then I was sent a Picture Keeper Connect.  My picture hoarding dilemma has now been solved.  All the photos on my phone are safely stored on the Picture Keeper Connect and I don’t have to worry about deleting them from my phone.  It is so simple to use, you really aren’t doing much more than pressing an icon.  The included instructions are easy to follow.

picture keeper

The first thing you need to do is install the iOS or Google Play App for your device and create an account.


Then choose to backup with the Picture Keeper Connect.  There is another way to backup with the Picture Keeper app that anyone can use and that’s to back up to your PC or Mac over Wi-Fi.


Then plug the Picture Keeper Connect into your phone and watch it do its magic.


It will also remember what saved pictures are already on the Picture Keeper and only backs up new ones each time you use it.  You can easily backup all the video on your phone too.


The real beauty of Picture Keeper is that you are on the go and want to make sure that your precious photos from a vacation or celebratory event are safe just pop the picture keeper into your lightning port (or the micro usb with the provided cable), open the app and back them up.  You don’t have to worry about gobbling up data uploading to the cloud or sending things over an unsecured Wi-Fi network.


Oh wait since it’s USB Drive, you can use it to print your phone photos as well.  If your printer has a usb port plug it in there or if you prefer to print your photos at a store kiosk you can just plug it in their as well.  How easy is that?!

picture keeper

The Picture Keeper Connect is available in a variety of sizes and the same one can be used for both iPhone and an Android phone since the device comes with a micro usb cable.  This is really handy if you’re a house divided and some have iPhones and other Samsungs (not that I would know anything about that… 😉 ).  It can also be used to back up the photos and videos ON your PC or Mac, how awesome is that?!  All your photos in one place organized in the same way you’ve saved them on your devices.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.19.12 AM

Once your Picture Keeper is full you can upload those photos to another backup, a separate hard drive, DVD or the cloud.  Or just get another Picture Keeper to continue backing up your photos and video from your phone!


If you’re like me you’ll need a reminder to pop that drive into your phone every once in a while, so it’s great that Picture Keeper Connect lets you set a backup reminder so you never forget to save those precious photos and videos.

After saving my iPhone photos I inserted the Picture Keeper Connect into one of my Mac hub’s USB slots, a drive icon with the name “PK” appeared on my Mac’s desktop.


Double clicking and opening it up allowed me to see that indeed everything from my phone was saved and even in the same folders that they were on my phone.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.18.39 AM


It really is essentially a plug + play storage device making it simple to use.  And that’s really what you’re paying for, the simplicity of backing up your photos, because if it’s difficult.. you won’t do it!  I’m so glad that I was able to try this Picture Keeper for myself and I will probably be gifting these to some people for Christmas this year!

If you all are interested in this handy tech device, you can learn more about it here: and if you decide to purchase one for yourself or as a gift, this code: ThreeDifferentDirections30 allows you to receive 30% off of a product.

4 thoughts on “Back Up Your Smartphone Photos Easily With Picture Keeper Connect

  1. I really need something like this. I have lost so many pictures because I didn’t download them to a different location.

  2. I have so many pictures on my phone and I don’t know what I would do if I lost them all. I kind of miss the days when I only had printed pictures.

  3. the picture keeper connect does not fit my Samsung android do i need something else please advise

    1. I’m not sure your best bet would be to go direct to their website and send them the question there. This is just a review of the product, I don’t work for the company.

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