Picnic Sandwiches with Complete Peace of Meat

Picnics are one of my favorite things about spring and summer — the spontaneous decision to pack up a tote with sandwiches to eat in the park, or a planned day with friends and all of the fixings.  Sitting out in the sunshine, watching the kids run around and eating fantastic food, well what’s not to love about that?  How about a side of ingredients you don’t want in your sandwich?
Hence my blog post title including the words – Complete Peace of Meat.  That’s the serene little state of mind when you can pronounce all of the ingredients in your lunch meats and feel good about feeding them to your family.Applegate NaturalsApplegate deli meats are always free of artificial ingredients and preservatives, and they’re made from vegetarian-fed, humanely treated animals with no antibiotics ever.
Just take a look at their ingredient list for Applegate Naturals Black Forest Ham:Applegate Naturals Black Forest HamPork, Water.  Contains less than 2% of the following: Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Celery Powder, Spice Extracts.
Applegate wanted to share some picnic fun with my family.  Unfortunately nature has not been very cooperative in North Texas to allow us to have a picnic, not outside anyway!  If you’ve been watching the weather news this month, you’ll see that we’re just about ready to build an ark in these parts 🙂  The ground is wet, wet, wet…but we rolled with the gale force winds and made some delicious sandwiches indoors with the wonderful Applegate and Sir Kensington’s products that were sent to us to try.  (If you don’t already know, Sir Kensington’s are clean, delicious condiments and spreads.  Perfect to complement Applegate lunch meats and cheese.)
In reality, our family mostly eats simple sandwiches that involve me grabbing a few Kaiser buns, mustard and mayo, some lettuce, a couple of different cheeses and some Turkey and Ham.  But simple is good – it’s really what Applegate is all about!Applegate lunch meats and cheese and Sir Kensington's Condiments on a picnic sandwichI Heart Cheese & Meat - ApplegateDespite my family’s reluctance to add ‘extras’ to their sandwiches, Applegate sent along some ideas to amp up a picnic with gourmet sandwiches that you can still eat with your fingers 😉
Like their LE FRENCH HAM SANDWICH, which has you spreading butter on a crusty baguette and then stacking Applegate Naturals Black Forest Ham, arugula, white onions and radishes.  Voila – that’s how easy it is to create something worthy of a Bon appétit!
Or perhaps you lean more toward the taste of a PESTO PRESTO! SANDWICH.  Spread pesto on 2 slices of brown bread and stack Applegate Naturals Smoked Turkey, kale, artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers between them.  Presto!  Not just for picnics, this would be tasty for dinner or even breakfast.
Essentially, the ideal sandwich is nothing more than choosing great ingredients.  With delicious Applegate lunch meats and cheese, Sir Kensington’s Spreads and Rudi’s bread, you’re on your way to creating sandwiches for the best picnic ever.What's in Your Sandwich - Applegate Naturals
#WhatsInYourSandwich ?

What's In Your Sandwich? Image Map

I received samples of Applegate products as well as some picnic items to help me with the content of this post.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love a good sandwich. As for picnics, it is either too windy or too buggy here in South Dakota so I will eat indoors.

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