Personalized Classic Novels in Which Anyone Can Star

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U Star Novels has a range of really unusual, yet educational gifts for the whole family.

They are the leading publisher of personalized novels.

Their personalized classics are great for children.  They are a fun, yet educational way to get them into reading by making them the lead role of a classic novel, such as Peter Pan or Alice from Alice in Wonderland starring together with 6 of their friends, or even the family pet (in Wizard of Oz). The other main characters in the novels can be personalized to allow the recipient to share the experience with the whole family and friends.

For children they have classics such as:

– Alice in Wonderland
– The Wizard of Oz
– Peter Pan
– The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

These are a great way to get tweens into reading too!

Great for Mom & Dad or Grandparents also they have a range of 20 titles that can be personalized, including; Dracula, Pride & Prejudice, Little Women, Romeo & Juliet and many more.

U Star also has other books on their site that they will personalize, however I am only endorsing the classic novels from the site.

I received a review copy of the Wizard of Oz which we had personalized to give to a good family friend.  She is an avid reader especially of the classics, and I know that she is going to love this personalized version.  The book is a nice size, the pages are printed well, and the story is the same classic story but with a twist which includes her family and friends within the pages.

The books retail for $24.95, are made in the US and delivered within 7 days. They are taking orders for Christmas up until 17 December 2010. For more information, please visit:

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this feature on behalf of U Star Novels and was supplied with a sample and information through them, the review and opinions are my own.

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