People Dedicated to Quality at PDQ – Plano TX

Last week my husband and I were invited to dine at the newest North Texas PDQ location in Plano.  PDQ stands for People Dedicated to Quality and this fast casual chicken restaurant lives up to its name.  This was our first time eating at a PDQ and we were blown away by the taste and quality of what we were served.

The dedication that PDQ has to their quality isn’t just in the taste of their menu, it is also in the whole dining experience and transparency to their customers.  When you order you aren’t a number, you’re a name.  The kitchen is open so diners can see their food being prepared and if they want a tour of the kitchen they’re welcome to do so.  A dedicated hand washing station for employees and guests is outside the restrooms and if it’s raining, you can be escorted to your vehicle with an umbrella (now that’s service!)

But let us talk food shall we?  The menu offers some of the best chicken I’ve ever tasted.  From breaded chicken and turkey sandwiches to lighter grilled chicken offerings all served on fresh brioche buns and hand-tossed salads there are choices for everyone.  Chicken Tenders are their specialty and their honey marinated nuggets are superb.

All the breaded chicken/turkey is hand seasoned and breaded on the spot and then cooked.

What really stood out for me though was their sauce offerings.  PDQ has 8 sauces that are hand made daily in their kitchens.  These don’t cost extra and they don’t limit you to one, you can choose two or three to find out which is your favorite from Bleu Cheese, Buffalo Bleu, Creamy Garlic, Chipotle BBQ, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch and Sweet Sriracha.

Along with your chicken you can choose a few different sides, French Fries (of course), Fresh Blueberry Coleslaw or Fresh Apple Slices with Toffee Dip.  <– THIS, THIS IS DELICIOUS.

We were understandably impressed with what it takes to make the perfect french fries at PDQ.  Between making sure the potato is ready to begin the process, the blanching and cooling down, and then baking in the oven, it all starts with a pile of potatoes like this:

They taste amazing and it’s no surprise with how much time PDQ puts into making them.

To wet your whistle along with fountain drinks, fresh brewed iced tea and bottled Cheerwine, PDQ also offer fresh-squeezed lemonade made with a simple syrup (this was fantastic by the way, and I don’t even like lemonade!) and Hand-Spun Shakes which always include a seasonal flavor.

To say that we’ll be back at PDQ again is a definite yes.  Thanks for the introduction to your commitment to quality to your customers PDQ we enjoyed our time at the Plano location immensely.

PDQ in Plano is located at 1151 Preston Rd, Plano TX.  To learn more about PDQ visit

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