Park Avenue Shirt Co. Review

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Park Avenue Shirt Co. has t-shirts with fun designs and some that are right over the top!  When I was asked to review one, I was first going to let my husband choose, but then I found a perfect one for him, the ‘Alaska Come for the Adventure’ t-shirt.

See we’re going to Alaska in late summer, and this way, I figured he’d already have a souvenir even before we left!  (How’s that for pre-planning?!)  This is only one of many vintage t shirts that Park Avenue Shirt co. sells.

My husband says the t-shirt is soft.  And he’s sure to remember our trip fondly when he wears it (maybe he’ll even pack it to wear ON the trip?!).

If vintage isn’t your style, Park Avenue Shirt Co. also has movie shirts and novelty t shirts as well.  Any time you mix funny and t shirts you get peoples’ attention , so if you like to be ‘loud’ with your t shirts, they definitely have you covered (pun intended!).

Overall Impression: The t-shirt we received from Park Avenue Shirt Co. was of high quality, the design was top notch, and didn’t crack or blister after machine washing and drying.  That feature is a winner in my book.  Having a cool design on his shirt is something my husband likes, so heh, this is a perfect place to shop for him.

You can also find shirts for women and kids at Park Avenue Shirt Co..

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