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Being a teenager is no picnic somedays, and now that I have one of my own, I realize that some days being the mother of a teenager is no picnic either!  Between the hormones and growth spurts are the pimples and acne.  No fun indeed. 

To find a skin cleanser that works and keeps the skin clear is a dream for a teenager.  To find something that works, that is less than $30 for the whole regimen, and doesn’t require a prescription is a dream for a parent.  Oxy Clinical fits the bill.

The Oxy Clinical is a 3 step system to treat acne.

  1. The Advance Face Wash has a patented Acne Shield salicylic acid technology that keeps 80% of he medication in the wash to stay working on the skin even after rinsing.
  2. The Oxy Clinical Clearing Treatment has 5% benzoyl peroxide which works as hard as a prescription to fight acne bacteria.
  3. The Oxy Clinical Hydrating Therapy, exfoliates, hydrates and helps combat the over production of skin oils.

When used in conjunction with one another on a routine basis, it’s a complete acne fighting system.

So far it seems to be working.  Amber did have some patches of acne before she started using it almost two weeks ago.  It’s a big confidence booster for her to have clear skin, especially in just two weeks.  The only thing she doesn’t care for is that the bottle for the Advance Face Wash isn’t the easiest to get the treatment out of.

If you have a tween/teen or adult in your home struggling with an acne problem, I’d recommend trying the Oxy Clinical. 

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of Oxy Clinical and received a sample to facilitate my candid review.”


One reader will win an Oxy Clinical Acne Solutions Pack.

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