Nerd Love Language – Printable PDF

Many of you already know that my husband is a nerdy geek.  From elves to aliens with blue tentacles, my guy finds fantasy worlds and spaceships entertaining and hobby worthy.  Over the years he has wooed me to ‘the dark side’ and I partake in much of it right along side him.

I saw a poster art piece online a few weeks ago with ‘I love you’ written in different languages and fonts, and I thought I’d make my own “Nerd Love Language” art for my husband.  After digging around on the interwebs I came up with the closest thing I could find to I Love You in: Elvish, Klingon, Dothraki, Twi’lek and then ending it out in English.  Which I labeled as ‘vernacular’ which it is, and which also sounds way nerdier than English.

Nerd Love Language

I put it in a plexi frame so he could take it to work or put it on his desk at home.

If you were confused or had to look any of those words/languages up, you probably won’t be printing this.  But for those of you who are giddily asking “how can I get one of these!?!” — I’m nice enough to let you download it for your very own to print off.  It’s a standard 8.5″ x 11″ in a PDF format.   You can access the printable by clicking on the picture below.  If you’re going to share it with others, please direct them to this post to print it.

Click to open in a new window and print

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