National Jerky Day Is June 12! Celebrate with T.O.P. Chops

June 12th is National Jerky Day!! “Jerky” is a word derived from the Spanish word charqui, which came from the Quechua (a Native South American language) word ch’arki, which means to burn (meat).  So while the jerky we typically consume is not burned, it’s dried, clearly  those ancestors were on to something tasty.

Recently T.O.P. Chops sent me some of their jerky to try at no cost to myself. Currently it comes in a beef brisket  jerky and in four flavors: Original Beef, Teriyaki Beef, Sweet & Spice and Red Chili Pepper.

National Jerky Day

If you’re anything me like me you always wonder why those small bags of jerky cost so much.  But wait, I just learned something really interesting when prepping for this post.   A pound of meat or poultry will weigh only about four ounces once it is made into jerky!!  So that means those tiny bags that I thought were overpriced, REALLY AREN’T!  Its pricing is on par to purchasing good fresh meat pound for pound.  T.O.P. Chops Beef Brisket Jerky comes in 2.75 oz packages, made with 100% USDA Choice or Select Beef.  It’s all-natural, gluten-free, MSG-free and contains zero artificial preservatives.

I give T.O.P. Chops beef jerky 5 Stars.  ★★★★★  — This jerky is really tender.  The flavors are great and it’s not too salty.   When I say tender I mean it.  You know how with some brands of jerky your jaw gets a good workout while biting or chewing?  Well not with T.O.P. Chops, the texture and tenderness is a big part of the reason this jerky is so delicious.  Since you’re not focused on how hard it is to chew, you can take more pleasure in the flavors of it instead!

While I wanted to get this post up in time for National Jerky Day, I haven’t had a lot of time to sample the product sent, but not surprisingly from the tastings I had, the Teriyaki flavor was the favorite for me.  I plan to make a ‘trail mix’ of sorts by mixing it with dried pineapple and coconut slices. SO good!  The Original is great for those who don’t want an added flavoring, and the Sweet & Spicy is actually not too spicy.  There is some bite left after you are done, but I do not eat spicy foods and it is something I would eat.  T.O.P. Chops has real flavor (not artificial) to their jerky, see the spices on the Sweet & Spicy!

As for the Red Chili Pepper, well this is what T.O.P. Chops has to say about this variety : “Loaded with hot red chili peppers, this flavor is reserved for those who enjoy heat in every bite. We recommend keeping a glass of water close at hand. ”  Enough said 😉

If you want to pick up T.O.P. Chops in a retail store you can check the locator on their website to see where it is available near you, but you really don’t have to leave your computer to get some at all.  TODAY use code JERKYDAY to get 50% off your first purchase and celebrate National Jerky Day.  That is a PHENOMENAL deal for this jerky folks.  That would mean if you purchased a variety pack with all for flavors, you would only pay $12.50.  That’s $3.125 a package!  I am not the betting kind but I bet you can’t score jerky of this quality for that price elsewhere today!

Happy National Jerky Day!

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  1. Dang.Missed another soon to be national holiday. My family loves jerky. I do not. too much chewing.

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