My Ultimate Family Vacation

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If someone would have asked me what my ultimate family vacation would be last year, I would have replied a Mediterranean Cruise.  But I was able to fulfill that dream with my family this past April, not just a Mediterranean Cruise but a Transatlantic Cruise, and all that with that famous Mickey Mouse on the Disney Magic!

The never-ending quest to top that family vacation is now on.  We’ve done Florida more times than I can count, we’ve been to Germany, and now Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar, and we’re from Canada, so we’ve seen much of that country as well.

After a cruise to Alaska next summer, I think we’ll probably have exhausted our ultimate family vacation destinations.  But I do know one thing, where ever that destination might be, we will probably get there on a cruise ship, and a Disney one at that!

We have been batting around the idea of checking out Disney’s new resort in Hawaii that’s opening next year, Aulani.  Wait that’s it, I’ve got it!  My ultimate family vacation would be a cruise that takes me from the West Coast to Hawaii, and then a stay at the Aulani.  Now let’s see if we can make that happen!

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5 thoughts on “My Ultimate Family Vacation

  1. I'd love to go to both Hawaii AND on a Disney cruise (Hawaii for a second honeymoon, and a Disney cruise with little man). Alaska is great!

  2. I know this is sad but my ultimate family vacation would be one where the family goes somewhere and I get to stay home alone!

  3. what an excellent opportunity from my favorite cereal. when i eat my cheerios tomorrow i'll be wishing i would win this contest. Oh where to go, what to do? A cruise to Alaska sounds great by why stop there when I can have a nice European vacation or maybe even a trip to Brazil instead?

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