Mtn Dew Ice Cream

Our daughter is kind of Mtn Dew obsessed. She LOVES the stuff. As I try and limit her overall intake of sugar and caffeine, she only gets it for special occasions at home or when she’s able to snag it when we’re out and about somewhere.

When we were discussing her 16th birthday menu in April, she had mentioned it would be cool if she could have some Mtn Dew Ice Cream.

I found a recipe on Pinterest for Soda Pop Ice Cream, and loved how easy the instructions were. Can of sweetened condensed milk and a 2 liter of pop. Put in ice cream maker for 30 minutes and voila; the frozen deliciousness of your favorite soda. I mean it’s so easy ‘a caveman could do it’.

So….we tried it. And ….it was a caffeine laden treat that no Mtn Dew lover could resist.

Our ice cream maker is a tad smaller than the one in the original recipe, so I had to play with volumes a bit. Our ice cream was a little soft after 30 minutes (which still equates to tasty edibleness, but we would have preferred it harder), and I may have had my sweetened condensed milk to Mtn Dew ratio off – but that just means I have to ‘experiment’ some more, which Amber seemed completely okay with.

I think I’ll try 60 minutes in the machine and try and make a 1/2 batch next time which will be easier to measure out ingredients for. (Hopefully it won’t overflow the bucket in my machine!!)