Moon Dough: The Magical Molding Dough that Never Dries Out

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Moon Dough is an amazing molding compound unlike anything you have ever seen before. Launched last fall, Moon Dough became an instant hit. It is soft and marshmallow-like, cleans up easily, and never dries out so you can use it again and again. Moon Dough is the latest molding compound that kids love to make their own fun creations with!

My always interested in new products, 5 year old reviewer got to play with the Moon Dough Magic Zoo. The package includes 1 Magic Molding Zoo, 2 Winder Walkers, 3 Animal Molds, 1 Fence Mold and 3 colors of Moon Dough (msrp $19.99).

The first thing they noticed when playing with it that it has a fascinating tactile feel to it. When one is used to playing with Play-Doh it’s a little weird at first. Unlike Play-Doh though, it doesn’t stick everywhere so when you’re done playing it’s easy to clean up, and it doesn’t dry out.

The Moon Dough holds its shape well and can be put in all kinds of molds. The Moon Dough Magic Zoo is cute and our reviewer really liked the gorillas, especially how they moved!

Moon Dough is hypo-allergenic and wheat free, I’m hoping not too many children decide to put it in their mouths, but so far the dog hasn’t gotten sick from the piece she ate, so all is good!

The concept of Moon Dough is neat, but because of its unique composition, it is also flaky stuff. It seems like we lost a lot of the dough while playing with it and it sort of went everywhere. I don’t think it’s something I’d purchase again because of that. Interestingly enough, when I told my sister that I was doing this review she told me that she had independently purchased Moon Dough for my nephews for Christmas. She had similar feelings about the same thing; she got it because of the fact that it doesn’t dry out, but the flakes of dough being everywhere was a lot of mess.

I think though that if you aren’t bothered by the flakes everywhere, the not drying out factor trumps Play-Doh.

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Whose Easter basket is it good for?

Kids ages 3+ who are imaginative and love playing with molding compounds!

I received a Moon Dough Magical Zoo Sample to review. 

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