Mini Patriotic Cheesecakes for the 4th of July

Last month for Memorial Day I had posted some recipes from Daymon Worldwide that Chef Kim had created.

Well summer is all about get togethers, and this weekend many of us will be celebrating the 4th of July, and what better way then to make something patriotic to go with the celebration.

Chef Kim has used his skills for two more recipes that you can use at your gathering this weekend, one of them I made last night, and can’t wait to share with my friends!

I was a little puzzled with the whole creme fraiche thing though.  I could not find it when shopping for the ingredients, but Google is a wonderful thing.  I found out that in a pinch, you can substitute greek yogurt for creme fraiche, which I ended up doing since I didn’t have any.  While I’m sure the original ingredient would have perfected it, mine came out pretty dandy if I do say so myself!

I used a star shaped muffin pan, added some raspberries, strawberries and blueberries to it, and voila – Patriotic Cheesecakes!

I haven’t had a chance to try the Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, but it looks and sounds delicious doesn’t it?

Both of these recipes can be made with store brand ingredients, Daymon Worldwide is the provider of the private label brands to stores like Costco, 7Eleven, Stop & Shop, etc., so that’s what Chef Kim uses when he creates them!

Let me know if you use either of these recipes for your 4th of July celebration and how they turned out if you did.

“I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign by Role Mommy on behalf of Daymon Worldwide and received a gift card to facilitate my post.”

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