Market Street – The Best of Texas

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This is a sponsored post, partnered with Market Street DFW.  All opinions in the post are my own.

Market Street is a grocery store that shows its pride of where it’s located by sourcing from in state producers.

In July, Market Street is highlighting their Texas Grown items – all month long they are celebrating products made or grown in Texas. This includes everything from Texas BBQ sauce, to bakery items, beer/wine, produce and more.

The Best of Texas is found everywhere in the store aisles!  I was there shopping last week and was impressed with their beef selections, including their Genuine Texas Beef, USDA Prime, grass fed, certified Angus and at our local location in Flower Mound, TX they also have Dry Aged Angus.

Genuine Texas Beef - Market Street DFW

I could not get over the selection of produce at Market Street.  This is a department where you can really see the abundance of good foods that our Texas farmers grow.

Locally grown fruits & veggies - Market Street DFW 

Texas Farm Fresh - Market Street DFW

Texas Fresh Produce - Market Street DFW

It was hard not to buy one of everything when I was there 🙂  We did come home with some sweet, delicious corn on the cob and a huge Texas sized seedless watermelon that was juicy and super tasty.

Texas Grown Corn on the Cob - Market Street DFW 

Texas Watermelon - Market Street DFW

Market street doesn’t sell any GMO produce, and they always source produce locally before they look elsewhere.  How great is that?!

Organic - Market Street DFW

I happen to live just 4 miles away from the Market Street location in Flower Mound, TX, which is the newest DFW Market Street store.  It’s a pleasure to shop here with its expanded health & wellness section, vast selection of bulk items, fresh sushi made every day, dry aged beef, and a large selection of gluten free products.

Fresh Sushi made every day - Market Street Flower Mound, TX

Gluten-Free, Market Street DFW

It’s really a unique store due to its wine bar, the only Market Street location to have one. Guests can order from the specialized wine bar menu or pick-up their favorite Market Street Food-To-Go items and enjoy them in the bar or on the patio, which they’ve named “The Terrace“.  I haven’t had the chance to do that yet, but I’m planning a girls night out with some friends to check it out soon.

“The Terrace” also has a playground area, and is an ideal place to grab a bite, let the kids play, and enjoy a sunny day. Genius!  What a great way to bribe convince the kids to behave while mom needs to shop 😉 

Guests can enjoy live music Friday nights during the summer, and drink specials from 4-7pm every day.

The Flower Mound Market Street store delivers both the products and the experience shoppers are looking for and in a location that serves not just Flower Mound, TX, but Lewisville, TX (where I live), Highland Village, TX and other surrounding towns.

Market Street DFW

You’ll also notice no shopping carts on the parking lot.  A Market Street employee will come out with you to your vehicle and help place your bags in it, and take the cart back into the store.  Now that’s service.

We all want savings though, right?  No matter what your weekly budget is getting quality items for a reasonable price is always a good thing.

At Market Street when you Shop More you Save More.

Market Street’s Rewards program is designed to help you save money on the items you buy most.  You don’t have to remember to clip coupons or have a rewards card, because it’s completely digital; all you need is your phone number or alternate ID at checkout to redeem your coupons!  You select your digital coupons using their mobile app or their website and the coupons are automatically loaded to your account.  Easy peasy, and it saves you money on things you probably are already buying.  That Texas sized watermelon I bought last week… I saved $1.00 with a digital coupon 🙂  Members also receive special, exclusive offers via email.

Rewards members can also join the Market Street Kids Club where each child receives a free cupcake or piece of fruit for their birthday.

What kind of experience do you want when you go to the grocery store?  Do the stores you shop at deliver on what you are looking for?  Do you like to support local farmers and businesses and look for locally sourced items?

If you are in the DFW area, be sure to stop at your nearest Market Street store in July to find #BestofTexas items to try out.  And if you happen to be close to the Flower Mound, TX location and haven’t had the chance to shop there yet, I encourage you to do so, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

9 thoughts on “Market Street – The Best of Texas

  1. I think it's very important to support local businesses. Look at those burgers and buy one get one free too, nice!

  2. I could totally get lost in that produce section. Wowza! However, I'll pass on the assistance with groceries. I know it's a rare and very considerate service, but I hate it. lol

  3. I love The Terrace. We go there very often to play outside with our little girl and it's so close to our new house.

  4. I have not heard of them before and there is one not to far from me in Colleyville! I love shopping local and supporting local farms! I will be checking them out this week! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I really like the idea of supporting local farmers and food producers. I prefer my grocery store experiences to be as calm and stress free as possible.

  6. I love that they feature Texas grown items and that they do not carry GMO products! Some grocery stores feature locally grown produce but they do not always say how local. Mariano's actually features the farmers and their farms, which I think is awesome.

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