Mango Peach Iced Tea

Back in June we did some science experiments for homeschooling and for one of them I needed some baby food jars.  With no babies in the house, I went out and bought jars of baby food, just for the jars…

I actually thought the flavors out with some premise that I “might” use the baby food in something, and one of the varieties I purchased was mango.

I found some use for it this past weekend when I made this recipe for Mango Peach Iced Tea.  Delicious – tastes like mangoes and peaches…summer in a glass!


8 oz. Ice
7 oz. Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach Iced Tea
2 oz. Mango Baby Food or puree or Mango Juice (the baby food or puree will give it a ‘thicker’ texture)
1 tsp. sugar (optional – if you want it just a *tad* bit sweeter)

Now put your cocktail skills to the test, and combine the ingredients in a shaker.  Shake, shake, shake it up, pour it into a glass and serve.  Makes one 16 oz serving.

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