Main Event Entertainment Party – Full of Fun but None of the Stress!

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Main Event‘s tag line is; Eat. Bowl. Play.  And let me tell you on the party front they do not disappoint.  We had the chance to host a Main Event Entertainment party at the Lewisville, TX location last weekend and it was fun for everyone.  We had a 10 year old, young adults and … old (lol!) adults – and we all had a great time.

We booked the party with friends who were visiting from out of state and it also happened to land just before the birthday of my daughter’s b.f.f., so we made it a ‘pseudo’ birthday party for her as well.  We chose to do the Dynamic Duo 2 party which included 1 1/2 hours of bowling & shoes, plus an additional activity (of which we decided to do laser tag).

Bowling Balls

Our bowling playtime was fun with some new bowling game activities that are being introduced at the Lewisville location and eventually being released to all of the Main Events.

First we played a game with a castle battle.  The bowlers are split into two teams and depending on how many pins each player knocks down in their turn, that’s how much damage you do to the other team’s castle.  There are monitors above the lanes, and you can see all the animated action there after each player has taken their turn.  We also played an archery game where your pin count was translated into your arrow hitting a target.

These games aren’t full frame games so they are perfect for families with younger children, where the kids might get bored with a traditional bowling game.

Then we completed the rest of our time on the lanes with some regular bowling.  Main Event caters to families, and it’s so easy to set up your bowling to each person.  You can have gutter guards on or off, you can adjust the bowler’s skill level and specify whether they are left or right handed.  All of that makes playing more enjoyable for everyone.


Our party included food as well.  Really good food I must say.  We chose to go with the Tailgate Party.

Main Event Entertainment Party

Tortilla chips and homemade garlic parmesan potato chips (which were so delicious!), served with salsa, queso, guac and dip.

homemade chips

Burgers, brats and hotdogs with fresh buns and a variety of cheese slices.

hot dog

Fresh salad, coleslaw and veggies.  Wings & drummies in three different flavors.

There was also iced tea and water.

It was a complete delicious tailgate style buffet that we could nosh at while we bowled.

Main Event does allow guests to bring in their own birthday cakes/cupcakes – so we brought in a few of those 🙂

When we finished with our bowling and food we headed over to the laser tag area.

laser tag

If you’ve never played laser tag before, it’s definitely an experience (especially when the young kids gang up on the old folks!).  Behind that door is where all the action takes place.

Players are given a vest, their laser gun and instructions and then are let loose 😉  The vest has a pre-populated ‘character’ name and when the round of laser tag is done they can come out and check the monitor to see how they stacked up agains the other players.

Having an evening out at Main Event was such a fabulous time for us to be able to spend with our friends who we haven’t seen for over a year.  It was so simple for me… all we had to do was show up!  Booking a party at Main Event is a fantastic way to host a fun filled time and just let everyone enjoy themselves.  The host has no prep, stress or clean up. <– That’s the way to host a party!


You can find Main Event locations here:

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4 thoughts on “Main Event Entertainment Party – Full of Fun but None of the Stress!

  1. Wow, this looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing about this. My son has a birthday in December and I was dreading the party already, now I don’t have to!

  2. Wow great post! A group of my friends are thinking to about having a great party but we needed some idea help. Thank you for sharing Main Event, we’ll have to check it out.

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