Magic Murals

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When I was in junior high school I had a friend whose dad was a phenomenal artist.  Her bedroom wall had an awesome mural on it that her dad hand painted.  When I’d go over to her place, I would just lay on her bed and stare at that wall.  I always wished I could have a mural like that on a wall in my room.

We’ve got to do some painting to some of the walls in our home, and as much as I’d love to do something grand, that’s just not a talent in my genetic makeup.  But I’m pretty confident I could apply a wallpaper mural.

And this, this is what I’m wanting for our guest room:

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The bedding in the room is classic Dallas Cowboys Navy/Gray, and we have a bamboo cut-out in the shape of the state of Texas on one of the walls.  This Welcome To Texas Mural would look awesome on the other wall (and I could cover up the dings that require me to paint the wall to begin with!).

So I entered the $100 Gift Card Sweepstakes.  I hope I win, because the 4′ x 4′ Welcome To Texas Mural is on sale right now for exactly….$100.  I think that’s a sign..don’t you?!

If you go over and enter to win the sweepstakes (there is a banner at the bottom of their main page to get to the entry form) what mural would you choose?

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