Kid-Friendly Kabobs from Food Family Style Cookbook

A lot of cookbooks aren’t really made for kids’ palates or picky eaters. If you’re a mom like me, with a family that has less than varied tastes, you have a repertoire of meals that are the same old, same old that you make all.the.time.

Food Family Style by Leigh Oliver Vickery, has a lot of recipes that will be crowd pleasers with all ages.

Every singe recipe I made, my family was happy with. I think a few of them were inhaled without really even chewing.

Little tips are left in the sides of the recipes to help you out and there are little symbols for each recipe to help you choose what’s best for your family. Things like, Freezes Well or Gluten Free, Vegetarian etc. I also liked that the whole first chapter is about cooking with and for kids.

This recipe book doesn’t have any pictures in it, but I was totally okay with that because honestly; I don’t like seeing that my food never looks anything like the photos in cookbooks. This way I had nothing to compare it to and could only rank it by how tasty it was and how quickly my family ate it (and asked for seconds!). Bonus: this means that a Kindle copy would take up less space and it doesn’t matter that it’s e-ink because you aren’t missing any pictures!

I’m sure there are people who don’t believe every word of praise or positive review on a blog site, and there is reason to be wary especially with food reviews because taste is such a subjective thing. But I think a lot of moms will be thanking me if they use this recipe book. So here’s a recipe for Kid-Friendly Kabobs from Food Family Style:

Kid-Friendly Kabobs

1 lb. stew beef, cut into 1-inch cubes
3 cups cherry tomtatoes
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup honey
salt to taste
4 skewers

Preheat oven broiler. Line a baking sheet with foil.

Combine beef cubes, cherry tomatoes, soy sauce, honey, and salt in a medium bowl and toss to coat.

Alternating thread beef cubes and tomatoes onto skewers. Place kabobs on baking sheet and broil 10 minutes, turning once.

OR – grill them (that’s what we did )

Here are some more pictures of some of the recipes I made from Food Family Style (you’ll have to buy the book if you want the recipes!)

MOPS Favorite: Easiest Chicken Pot Pie

PB and Apple Sandwiches

Kid’s Choice Tater Tot Casserole

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