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Last year my husband and I made a real conscious effort to take reusable bags with us whenever we went shopping. We figure that over the year we saved about 500+ plastic grocery bags from making their way home with us and ultimately ending up in the land fill.

At the end of last year though I wondered what I could do this year to make a small difference in what I throw out, and although I don’t visit coffee shops terribly frequently, I knew that when I did I could start using a reusable coffee cup. Which happened to be a very timely thing since just last week I was sent a KeepCup to review.

Much like a reusable bag, you can keep a KeepCup in your tote bag, diaper bag or vehicle – and according to the packaging on the large 16 oz. KeepCup:

There is enough plastic in 35 disposable cups and lids to make this KeepCup.

While it may not seem like a big deal, add up how many disposable cups you take out of the coffee shop each year. 12, 24, 35…even more? For $14.20 or less, you can make a difference.

KeepCups have been a big deal in Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. and now this chic solution is available in the U.S. Available in four sizes (4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz), what makes them unique is that they’re the first barista-standard reusable cups! They’re designed to fit under the heads of most espresso machines.

What’s even better…you can design it yourself. The color of the cup, lid, spout and band can coordinate to match your style.

Oh yeah, the band, gotta tell you about the band!  The band not only protects your hands from the heat of the coffee (and the BPA-free plastic of the cup does get pretty toasty when there is a hot beverage inside), you can customize it to reflect your ordering preferences if you have a standard drink. With a thin tipped felt marker, you can put your order right on the band. I don’t always order the same drink, but I do always order it low fat. So I marked that on my band so the barista will know even before I put my order in.

Since I started toting this around last week, I had to make a couple of excursions to the coffee shop (right?! I mean I had to try it out!). Each time I brought it in to have a drink made, the barista commented on it right away. I think it was the band initially that caught their eye. But they’ve also commented that they like the markings on the inner cup showing the volume, which is a pretty hand indicator for them when making your beverage.

It’s actually a pretty cool product and I like the buzz I’m creating when I bring it into a coffee shop.

Do you take a reusable coffee cup with you when you go to a coffee shop? If you already do, or if you’ve been thinking about it, I highly recommend getting a KeepCup – if you do get one, let me know!

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