Keep It Light & Bright: Bzees Shoes

The kid’s melty ice cream, surprise red light tickets, and “I just spilled my iced coffee. Again.” moments happen. Let’s face it: life gets messy.

So keep your cool while looking cool (even in the most stressful of situations!) by making light of it all in your Bzees shoes.

Bzees ShoesSamples were provided for the purpose of this post.

Bzees is the simple and stylish footwear choice to add a spring in your step through your day’s highs and lows. Easy-to-wear and easy-to-wash, they’re your ideal companion for everyday reality: all that’s unexpected, whimsical, and downright messy in life.Bzees shoes are made with molded, low density, EVA soles that have micro-cellular air bubbles trapped within that enables them to be lightweight, extremely soft and bouncy resulting in excellent flexibility and cushioning.Every Bzees shoe is designed with a dynamic fitting stretch upper material over/across the top of your foot that enables your foot to move freely and naturally but have the necessary support. This lightweight, unrestrictive stretch upper material provides an amazing comfort and fit experience. It also provides for expansion in key areas where you need it the most.Free Foam is a specially blended micro-cellular polymer foam that delivers high resiliency (bounce back), and doesn’t compact. It creates a low pressure walking experience that’s like walking on a cloud. An additional viscoelastic memory foam arch support provides a compressive customized fit to accommodate a wide range of arch heights and enhances the “cloud walking” experience. In Bzees speak, these free foam footbeds are squishy and shape to your foot while wearing.And hooray for this!  Bzees shoes are designed using wash-friendly materials that allow them to be machine washed in cold water and air dried without losing their shape and colors or comfort and fit. Each new product is rigorously tested.

Bzees kindly sent me a pair of  their Flawless Slip-On shoes.  They are very nice and of good quality. I love that I don’t have to be concerned with them getting dirty, since I can just toss them in the washing machine when they do!  As you can see from my photos, my daughter and I went to hike on some nature trails one day when I wore my Bzees shoes and I didn’t have to worry about the dirt and mud at all 🙂  Because of the soles structure, even with the 1 1/2″ heel they were comfortable while walking those trails.

The style of them is trendy, and I like the different pattern that this particular shoe offers.  They are so cool looking, and match with everything.As for fit, I wear a 6 and am a 6 in these.  I do have wide, fat feet though (darn genetics!), and when first wearing I did notice that my foot was pinched at the top right at the instep (only on my left foot though!).  After a few wearings either my foot got used to it, or because of the combination of the stretch upper and the free foam footbeds, the shoe has adjusted to my foot.

I am so happy with these Bzees shoes.  I love the pattern, the style, the height of the heel and that they are so lightweight. Love them.

Go ahead and visit and pick out your favorite pair!

5 thoughts on “Keep It Light & Bright: Bzees Shoes

    1. Well I use ‘hiking’ as a relative term 😉 More like walking on some rough trails in extreme heat, which I equate to hiking, lol!

  1. Such a nice collection of shoes on his site! I think I will be going shopping on their soon 🙂

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