Ivory Brand’s New Social Community “The Soap Dish”

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I wanted to share the news about Emmy award-winner Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, Mike & Molly) being named Ivory’s new “soap” person, serving as host of its new online social community “The Soap Dish.”  It’s all part of the “holistic reinvention” of the brand which kicked-off in October with the debut of modernized packaging.

“As a working mom of two, I love anything that simplifies my life. So when one bar of soap can handle backyard dirt, spaghetti hands, and the unidentified crusty bits under my girls’ necks – I’m in.” — McCarthy

The community lives on the Ivory Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ivory) and is a place where today’s modern mom can come and dish – share opinions, ideas, and maybe a little attitude on what – and who – it is that makes her life so complicated.

Born from the insights of a national “mom” survey commissioned by Ivory, “The Soap Dish” is designed to encourage women to laugh, live and share their everyday life with others. 

For instance, 80% of moms surveyed feel that motherhood is more complicated today than it was for their own mothers 20 years ago.  However, more than half (54%) say they’re balancing life as a mother better than their own mom did.  Perhaps the secret to it all?  66% confessed to hiding in the bathroom for much needed “me” time. Smarter than a fifth grader?  Mom may not agree as more than 60% of moms think figuring out their taxes is easier than middle school math homework and 43% said having your kid known as the “smelly” kid is much worse than having your kid known as the “potty mouth”, the “whiner” or the “snob”.

The 132 year old brand has added entertaining campaigns featuring simple and straightforward messages, including “When Dirt Changes Its Formula So Will We,” “Just Add Water,” and “Cleanliness Needn’t Involve Costliness.”

What my family really likes about Clean & Simple Ivory body wash is that there are no heavy scents to it. While you can smell it when you’re showering, it is light and fresh. After you’re finished there isn’t an overpowering scent clinging to your skin, you’re ‘simply clean’.  While I’m fond of heavy scents, the rest of my family is not, and they like this lighter smell.  The body wash comes in multiple varieties classic ivory, aloe, and lavender. My favorite is the lavender, it’s so relaxing to shower with that one!

If you haven’t already, definitely check out “The Soap Dish” on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/ivory and add to the growing conversation.  And it doesn’t stop there – the conversation can be followed on Twitter as well with the hashtag #IvorySoapDish.

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