Is Your Future Keyless? Schlage Ushers in the “Keyless Era” with the New Schlage Touch

Schlage sent a complimentary Schlage Touch™ unit for the purpose of this post.

Did you know 65 percent of Americans would consider a keyless electronic lock if they could more easily access their home without compromising security?

A survey commissioned by Schlage, and conducted online by Harris Poll in September among over 2,000 U.S. adults found that four out of five Americans believe there would be benefits to having a keyless electronic lock on their home’s door.

Is Your Future Keyless?

Schlage has announced the arrival of The Keyless Era, and their innovation the Schlage Touch™, was developed to address consumers’ increasing demands for convenient, secure and technologically advanced locks.

The Schlage Touch™ provides easy, key-free access, so peopel with active lifestyles and busy schedules can simplify their day.

With the ability to store 19 unique access codes, Schlage Touch™ provides homeowners with exceptional convenience.  No key means it’s 100 percent bump-proof and pick-proof, and there’s nothing to lose, nothing to fiddle with, and no more cutting keys or re-keying locks.  Schlage Touch™ also boasts a fingerprint-resistant numeric touchscreen with LED down lighting, which illuminates as need.

In order to update our home out of the 1980s and into the 21st century 😉  One of the things we’ve been doing is chaning all the door handles and locks in our home.

We chose the Schlage Flair Levers for our home in the aged bronze finish and the Plymouth Handleset with Flair Lever for our front door.  We’ve been very happy with those choices so far. 

When Schlage asked me if we’d be interested in reviewing one of their new Touch™ units, we took them up on it.  The Century Style Schlage Touch™ in the same finish is what we chose.

Here’s a short video showing the basics on how the lock works.

So to recap.  When you leave your home you touch your code numbers and that allows you to rotate the front knob to lock your deadbolt.  Once it is engaged, the knob will just twirl and turn doing nothing 🙂  Then when you want back in, you again just touch your code numbers which will allow you to unlock the deadbolt by turning the knob and letting you open your door.

If you touch the wrong code a red light will show up on the bottom of the pad and you’ll get a double beep.  Correct codes will result in a green light with a beep and you’ll hear the lock disengage.

One of the nice things about this electronic lock is that since it runs on batteries and is not tied in to any actual home wiring, if your power goes out you can still get into your home (unlike let us say a garage door).  For us it’s ideal for our college aged daughter who isn’t home most of the year, but only a few times and during summer.  This means she doesn’t have to make sure she has any house keys on her to get in the house if she’s only home for the weekend.

Installing is pretty simple, but you may have to make the existing hole where your deadbolt is a bit larger to fit the unit…like we did 😉  There are template tools available at home improvement stores to bore out the hole to the needed size and you’ll need a high powered drill as well.

Schlage Touch™ locks are a great way to start a home makeover.  Their door hardware is stylish and this particular model is definitely an aesthetically pleasing and convenient way to lock your door.  I believe it’s a good resale feature too since the new homeowners won’t have to get locks rekeyed, they can simply wipe out and enter in their own codes for use.

What do you think the biggest benefit of having a keyless lock would be to you?

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