Is Safety at the Top of Your Holiday Wish List? Digital SentrySafe Giveaway ($179 Value!)

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I’m beginning to feel the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  My daughter has presented us her Holiday Wish List – a PS Vita being at the top of it, and I’m already making space in the freezer for all the holiday goodies I’ll be baking.  Amid all the activities, travel and shopping going on, one really shouldn’t forget about family safety during the holidays.

There are a few items you may want to put on your holiday wish list that deal with family safety.

If you’re gifting a bike or scooter this year, make sure to include a helmet and bike lock with it.

As an addition to some of the small electronics you may be purchasing for loved ones (like we likely will be), such as hand held gaming consoles or smartphones; bundle those purchases with a portable safe so that when traveling or at school the item is protected.

Speaking of traveling, this is the season when most of it is done.  Whether you’re traveling or whether you’re gifting luggage; if air travel is your mode of transportation make sure you have some TSA Luggage locks.  They also make great stocking stuffers for those that travel a lot.

And don’t forget to add the Master Lock Vault app to your phone.  It’s a safe place to keep your passwords stored for online shopping, and for keeping that “gift list” secret and away from peeking eyes!

At the top of my Holiday Safety Wish List this year is a way to protect our most valuable documents.  Our naturalization certificates, passports, banking documents, wills and our digital media backups.  Unfortunately the holidays aren’t always the most wonderful time of the year, and burglary increases during this time.  While I obviously don’t want my possessions stolen, I’m more concerned about things that aren’t easily replaceable, proof of citizenship and memories top that list for me.

This past summer Master Lock acquired SentrySafe as part of its security portfolio.  It’s an addition that fits well with the Master Lock brand.

That’s why I’m glad we have a SentrySafe Digital Alarm Fire Safe SFW123TTC to protect all of those things.  This heavy duty digital safe has a good amount of space in it for your valuables (1.2 cu.ft. capacity), and for added protection it can be bolted to the floor.

The safe has a digital lock with hidden key pad, that lights when touched.

No more looking for keys as all you need to do is set a 5 digit code to gain entry to the contents.  The safe runs on 4 AAA batteries (when they are running low you can plug a 9V battery into an outside port to open the safe and replace them).  The large 1-inch bolts that seal the safe door are made of quality construction. 

Plus the safe features a pry-resistant hinge bar.

It has a loud alarm that can be activated and that will go off should it try and be moved (great for if you don’t want to bolt it down but want to scare off thieves), someone is attempting to pry open the door or five wrong code attempts are entered.

Naturally this safe also offers peace of mind for other unfortunate incidents that may occur in your home, such as fire and flooding.  It is UL classified for 1 hour of fire protection at up to 1700º F and ETL verified for water protection. 

Be careful on what you place in a fire rated safe though.  A lot of people store valuable jewelry and heirlooms inside their safe, but pearls are very sensitive to heat.  In the event of a fire, potential damage to delicate pearls occurs at much lower temperatures than the UL classification performance standards.  Also take note that valuables with working parts, think watches or some jewelry, should be stored in an air tight container while in your safe.  This will help keep the working parts from developing any moisture on them and causing damage.

And you may not know that moisture in the air can be sealed into safes, especially in regions with high humidity.  Opening the door of your safe periodically can help keep the moisture from accumulating inside which can cause molding issues.  Keeping a charged desiccant bag inside your safe can also be helpful from keeping your belongings dry as well, but many people don’t realize that these either need to be recharged in the oven or replaced every 3-6 months depending on the humidity in your region. 

SentrySafe Lifetime After-Fire Replacement Guarantee.  This is a feature that many people don’t know about but are usually impressed to find out.  If your SentrySafe is in a fire the unit will be sealed and have to be pried open.  SentrySafe will ship a new unit of equal value to help get you back on your feet

The SentrySafe Digital Alarm Fire Safe SFW123TTC is available in Sam’s Club stores and online and a different configuration of the safe is also available for purchase on

What items are on your holiday safety wish list this year?

I have the opportunity to give away a SentrySafe Digital Alarm Fire Safe to one of my readers!

98 thoughts on “Is Safety at the Top of Your Holiday Wish List? Digital SentrySafe Giveaway ($179 Value!)

  1. I would keep important papers in it as well as any jewelry or cash..when we get a gun it would probably go there as well.

  2. I would use this safe for important papers such as car titles, birth certificates, wills as well as emergency cash.

  3. I would protect all of our personal papers and some favorite old photos!

  4. I would put my kids money in it. I'm a single mom and I save my change, put it in their piggy banks until we get it changed to bills. My oldest has a bank account, but my youngest doesn't yet. so if something happened that I know he wouldn't loose their money I save up for.

  5. I would like to win the SentrySafe because I want to protect our important documents like our passports, house deed, car titles, etc.

  6. I would protect my family's birth certificates, Social security cards, and my most precious pictures.

  7. I would protect my personally information and tax papers and other confidential information.

  8. I'd use this safe to protect important papers. I'd probably also copy my pictures from laptop to CD-drive and keep that in the safe as well.

  9. I would use this to put the family birth certificates, social security cards, immunization records and christmas money

  10. Important papers! I misplaced my passport and SScard for a while and I need a place to keep them safe.

  11. Jewelry, passport, birth certificate, social security card, and important papers.

  12. I would protect all our important papers, like birth certificates, passports, deeds and titles.

  13. I would primarily use this for important documents,like birth records and social security cards.

  14. I would love to protect our important papers like ss #'s and birth certificates! Insurance information…and some pictures I have of my grandmother back from the early 1900's! So precious to me!

  15. I would love to have this to store my important papers, pictures, and anything I do not want lost.

  16. Thanks for the giveaway…currently using an old rusting metal strongbox with a broken lock to store a few important docs, passports, old photos, etc.; need a more secure storage solution i.e. a small safe would be great !

  17. I love the light! Perfect for important papers, jewelry, and money! No more flashlight on the floor trying to turn dial to open.

  18. i would give this to someone who has a gun in there house and im concerned for there own childs saftey that i hope he would use this for that

  19. I would put my Grandparents jewelry in the safe so that I could pass it down to my kids and so on.

  20. I would keep important papers inside of it. What a great thing for everyone to have in their home.

  21. I would protect my fathers momentos , social security cards, pictures, coins, collectibles, and birth certificates in this great safe 🙂

  22. I would use the safe to protect important documents including birth certificates and saving bonds. I would also use it for jewelry and a few small valuable trinkets.

  23. I would put all of our important paperwork, our portable hard drives with all our pictures and one of our hand guns
    thank you

  24. I would put all of our important paperwork, our portable hard drives with all our pictures and one of our hand guns
    thank you

  25. I would protect important documents like passports birth certificates insurance policys my great grand mothers jewelry

  26. i would protect my family's birthcertificates and other important documents. Thank you!

  27. I would use it for protecting our bank records, jewelry, sports cards collections and birth certificates.

  28. I would protect jewelry that has been passed down through our family, titles, deeds, birth certificates and more.


  29. Definitely our documents like birth certificates, social security cards, etc. would go in here.

  30. In your first picture you showed a bike locked up. In a way I wish I could do that same thing with my car. I'm always afraid that my car is going to get stolen, or that my key is going to get lost. I've been trying to get a chip in my car so that I can track it, but I'm not sure if that will provide what I'd like it to.

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