Ingrid Hoffmann Hard Enamel Paella Pan by T-fal

Considering all the traveling I have done in my life, it’s quite surprising that the first introduction I had to Paella was last April when my family made a stop in Spain.  I was intrigued by the dish tried it myself, but never thought twice about how to make it as I was pretty sure I never would.

Then a couple of weeks ago I received a 14” Open Paella Pan by T-fal, a part of the Ingrid Hoffmann simply delicioso Hard Enamel line of cookware.  So then I started looking at recipes online.  My family though, wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of different types of meat or seafood in one dish, and so my plans for Paella were quickly dashed.

I was positive though that this pan could have other uses, and sure enough I found a couple for it.  The first thing I made in it was fried breaded fish.  It’s wide bottom accommodated plenty of pieces, and the nonstick interior made sure that neither the breading nor the fish stuck to the pan.

What’s unique about this pan is that it has a Thermo-Spot indicator, which lets you know that the pan is preheated so that you can seal in the flavor of your food.  If you’ve ever put your ingredients in a pan that hasn’t hit the optimum temperature, you know how invaluable that is.

The Ingrid Hoffmann Paella Pan is also oven safe for up to 450°.  That is something that I have taken advantage of as well.  I have made a chicken dish with it, that turns out perfect, the pan heats evenly and so nothing is overcooked on the edges or bottom. The handles make it easy to slide in and out of the oven since you can get a good grip on them, much simpler than a glass pan.

I’ve read that Paella Pans are a great way to cook deep dish pizzas as well, so that’s on my list to try!

The pan is so simple to clean up because of the nonstick interior too.  While it is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended.  It takes no time at all to clean it out with some soap and water though, so I prefer that because I know it will make the pan last longer.

The Ingrid Hoffmann Hard Enamel Paella Pan by T-fal is available for $24.90 at .  From what I’ve seen online when searching that’s a really good price for a Paella Pan.  There are other pieces in the Ingrid Hoffmann Cookware line as well, you can see other pieces from the simply delicioso collection at  The simply delicioso cookware can be found on, at Target, KMart and HEB.

“I wrote this post on behalf of simply delicioso by Ingrid Hoffmann and received a  media sample as an aid to help me review and spread the word about these products.”

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