iD Gum Introduces ArtCade – Give Away

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Kraft Foods recently debuted their new gum for teens, iD Gum. It’s kinda more than gum. Kinda Amazing. iD Gum offers up a delicious twist to the flavors you love – Peppermint, BerryMelon, and Spearmint – and is packaged in a sleek, innovative, folding pack featuring a new and unexpected magnetic closure. iD Gum is delivered in a semi-transparent cellophane wrapper that hints at what’s inside the pack.

Once unwrapped, the pack reveals original artwork sourced from young emerging artists from around the world. There are 18 designs in total – so the more you chew, the more you discover. The MSRP is $1.49 for the single pack and $3.29 for the multi-pack.

I want to introduce you to ArtCade ( – a mind-blowing, totally unique arcade experience featuring 18 innovative, free online games (with 36 unlockable variations) on iD’s Facebook page or via mobile in the Android store or the Apple App Store. It embraces teens’ appreciation for discovery and individuality. Games are unbranded & designed to be played efficiently via Desktop or on-the-go via mobile device.

Four games launched on September 17, and new games will be released every Tuesday (unless unlocked early by collecting and scanning the on-pack artwork). 15 different artists were commissioned to create artwork for the ArtCade games, resulting in as much digital variance as the on-pack artwork, which features 12 different artists. Games include everything from dropping t-shirts on dinosaurs (T-Rex in V-Necks),

to collecting sunblock bottles to avoid becoming toast (Ginger Ninja).

Then there’s Inkin’ and Blinkin’ where you wait for the eyelids to shut to start inkin’. Stop before the eyes open to avoid ocular irritation,

and Blowhole in One; drive the golf balls at the passing whales, or go for a birdie.

The newest release on 10/30 will be… Parent Teacher Nightmare (zombie thriller, just in time for Halloween)…teens can hurl textbooks at the incoming onslaught of undead parents and teachers.

Stephanie Wilkes, Vice President NA Confections, Kraft Foods: “The uniqueness of iD Gum – from the artwork to the packaging to its online gaming experience – takes discovery and personal expression to a whole new level.”

For more info about ArtCade, go to

As a thank you for sharing info about iD Gum’s ArtCade, I was sent some iD Gum. If you click on a link in this post, land on and buy something, chances are I’ve made some money, so thank you.

Tammy Litke is a mom of one daughter age 16. She loves staying busy by cooking and baking, playing video games, and watching 3D movies with her family! She also enjoys reading, listening to music and traveling.


One reader will win 2 boxes (24 packs) of Stride iD Gum.

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91 thoughts on “iD Gum Introduces ArtCade – Give Away

  1. I would love Berry Melon and Spearmint, please! Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  2. Definitely Berry Melon! We've had it before and it is sooo good! The second could be anything…maybe peppermint, but I would take any kind.

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