Ice Breakers Announces New Product, Perfect Combo of Sweet and Cool – Give Away

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So, mints. Everyone likes mints (unless, of course, you don’t like mints). They’re refreshing, they get rid of bad breath, and for awhile every breath of air you take is nice and cold. Regrettably, some mints are not very tasty and not everybody likes mint tasting mints. Icebreakers has taken a crack at the conundrum of getting tasty flavor into tiny, minty fresh packages with DUO mints.

True to what it says on the tin, DUO mints are fruit plus cool–one half is tasty fruity flavor and the other is refreshingly cool mint. Together, they form a little mint that is extremely addictive, so you might not want to leave yourself alone with them for too long, or they might all be gone before you realize it!

I got to try out the two flavors, raspberry and strawberry, both of which were really good– they’re a bit tangy before the mint half kicks in. Another neat thing, which is also hilarious, is that the tin comes with two openings: to share and not to share (that is the question!) The ‘to share’ side is nice and small, with only enough room to get one mint out,

while the ‘not to share’ side is the other half of the tin. Perfect for getting all the mints YOU want!

To celebrate the launch, Ice Breakers is asking their fans which characteristic (cool or fruity) best fits their personality Fans can head to the Ice Breakers Facebook page to have their Facebook profile analyzed and determine if they are “sweet as a puppy parade” or “cool as a cucumber”. While on the page, fans can listen to custom Ice Breakers Duo Pandora stations, vote on their favorite songs and ‘Duo’ their profile pictures by combining their sweet or cool side with that of a friends!

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Hershey is offering a reader the chance to win the new Ice Breakers Duo mints.

Here’s how to enter

Simply leave a comment below this post and name which of the two flavors (Strawberry or Raspberry) you think you’d like best.
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