I Wanted Bunk Beds

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Photo Credit: Taber Andrew BainSometimes I wish I could have frozen time, somewhere between the ages of seven and eight. You know that time where if your parents would have let you decorate your bedroom any way you wanted to, with money being no object, and you would have chosen to put twin bunk beds in your room.

It makes me a little sad that I never had a set growing up. I mean, my sister and I shared a room back at that age, and we had twin beds. The room we had was large enough for twin beds, but if kids have to share a room the size of a shoe box, having stacked beds is a great way to save space. Then at least they don’t feel like sardines even if the room is small.

But how cool it would have been to have had bunk beds instead. Never mind that I probably would have had to have slept on the bottom, even though I would have wanted the top. I don’t remember this, but my parents tell a story of our family going to camp in which the cabin we stayed in had some. I rolled off the top bunk! Yup, only me. Apparently, I slept through the whole thing. Now my family has great comedic skills, so I’m not entirely sure whether that actually happened or not. Either way, it never frightened me from wanting to sleep on the top bunk again.

I wanted our daughter to at least have a loft bed, just for the sake of coolness, lol. My husband though said that for our home it wasn’t practical (and he’s right). Oh well!

I think bunk beds are very streamlined and sleek. I know a lot of people prefer larger furniture instead. They can be found in ultramodern finishes though as well. Despite the ‘stories’ I’ve been told about my childhood, I think they’re safe enough, and they do free up plenty of space in a room. So how about you what do you think of them?

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