How Often Do You Need to Do In-Depth Cleaning?

Most homeowners are going to do one or two serious cleanings a year, usually labeled as spring and winter cleaning. These events often involve them moving all the furniture around and doing a top-to-bottom cleaning of the entire house. They try not to leave a single stone uncovered, so to speak, but should people be doing cleanings like this more often?

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Many people do clean more often than that, and it is not uncommon for homeowners who like to keep things tidy all year round to do a deep cleaning every couple of months or even every moth. Yet, how often is too often and is there a set schedule we should all be sticking to for deep cleaning?

The answer is not as simple as saying that you need to clean your house thoroughly so many times a year or so often through the year. The number of people in our house, how messy they are and how small your house is all factor into how often you need to . Obviously, if you live alone in a small house and clean up after yourself regularly, then you don’t need to do a deep clean very often. In fact, you may be able to get away with just doing it once per year. However, someone who has several kids and a large house and who lives somewhere where the winter brings a lot of snow, the deep cleanings will have to have to occur more frequently.

One of the best ways to cut down on how many deep cleaning events you need to have each year is to do some milder cleaning every so often. You should do at least some cleaning every day, and then clean a bit deeper once a week. You can clean even deeper than that every month, and if you do all that, then you will have a house that is fairly clean all year long. Then you only need to do deep cleaning a couple times a year, no matter how packed your house is. Of course, that all depends on what kind of mild, medium and heavy cleaning you do each day, week and month.

We recommend doing daily cleaning that involves taking out the trash, washing dishes, picking up garbage, sweeping, wiping counters and straightening. For weekly cleaning, you can clean the inside of the oven and top of the stove, mop the floors, scrub down the bathroom and change out bedding. For monthly cleaning, you should wash curtains, dust or otherwise and furniture, clean out the fridge and freezer, check smoke alarms and clean out the shower.

If you do all that, then your deep cleanings can be infrequent, and you can have a very tidy house. On top of that, when you do a deep cleaning, you won’t have as much work to do. Everything should clean easier and faster, and you’ll definitely appreciate the change.

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