House Hunting Give and Take

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When it comes to the house hunting game, we’ve got some specific wants.  I want to live in a safe neighborhood and have a decent kitchen and a guest room.  My husband wants the house to be close to his work, have a small yard, an office and a large shower.  When you put all those things together the list of available homes in our price range shrinks.  It’s a conundrum on which one to give up to have the rest, as we want all of them!

I found the perfect home the other day that just went on the market.  It doesn’t have everything we want, but I feel we could adapt – because we could buy it outright and not have a mortgage.  THAT would be worth some sacrificing in my opinion.  It’s a 30 minute+ commute for him to get to work, the yard is a bit large, the appliances in the kitchen are outdated, and it has a tub in the master bathroom, not a shower.  BUT we’d have no mortgage.

So I showed the house to my husband.  He only works two days a week at the office, so I figure the commute is a moot point if we don’t have a mortgage (HA!), we could afford to have someone come do the yard work if we don’t have a mortgage.  I’m willing to live with the older appliances if we don’t have a mortgage.  I told him the first thing we can do with the money we save by not having a mortgage is renovate the bathroom, by ripping out the tub and putting in a large shower with glass mosaic bathroom tile

NOW we just need to sell the home we’re living in…sigh…and hope that no one buys that one before we can take a look at it.

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