HOTLOGIC Mini Ovens Provide A Healthy Solution For Your New Year’s Resolution

For over a decade I’ve been blogging about products that I get to try out and share my thoughts about with you all.  Recently I was sent an item that I have to say is one of THE BEST products that I’ve come across in a long time, the HOTLOGIC® Mini Oven XP.

HOTLOGIC Mini Ovens are a little like a microwave, a little like a Crock Pot, but a whole lot better.  Basically it’s a personal portable oven that gets your meals just right by using SmartShelf™, a patented, low-slow conduction heating element to bring foods to the ideal temperature — and hold them there until you’re ready to eat, whether that’s in two hours or twelve.  There are no buttons, dials, or timers — and no need to adjust the temperature or stir your food.

Currently we are all still working at home around here.  But our daughter just started a job at the beginning of the year that will require her to move out of state by summer.  At that point she will be going in to the office to work.  She has spent the last couple of weeks using our new HOTLOGIC Mini Oven for her lunches at home, and has already told me it’s moving with her!

Before she starts her work day in the morning she puts her lunch, soup or leftovers let’s say, in a covered container. 

Or maybe a frozen meal right in its package completely sealed.  Zips the HOTLOGIC Mini Oven XP up, plugs it in, and then goes back to her room to work. 

When it’s her lunch break she comes out and voila, a hot meal ready to eat. 

She much prefers it to the microwave because: (1) She has to doesn’t have to use lunch break time to start cooking her meal. (2) It’s the perfect temperature. Often she has to wait for her microwaved meal to cool down before she can actually eat it.  (3) No worries about containers that can’t be microwaved, or things exploding in it, LOL!

Where the HOTLOGIC Mini Oven XP differs from their Mini Oven is that it unzips and expands into a handy tote for carrying food items, utensils, tableware, and other accessories.  That’s why my daughter is so excited to be able to take this to her office when she returns to in person work.

mini ovens

HOTLOGIC sells both glass dishes and reusable plastic ones to use with their Mini Ovens, and in my opinion they are worth getting because they fit snuggly inside the unit.  But really you can use almost any container that has a lid with it, without worrying it will melt.  (Trust me, I was a bit paranoid the first time she used one of our regular plastic containers for soup, but it was all good!)

mini ovens

She’s even let me use it once (HA HA!), I used it to heat up some precooked ham for dinner one night.  It is such a great option to using a full size oven for smaller servings since it only draws 45 watts of power.

mini ovens

The HOTLOGIC Mini Ovens even cook food, not just reheat it.  Since the heating element gets your food to a food-safe temperature and keeps it there, you can even feel confident putting raw foods in it to cook and keep it at a safe temperature until you are ready to eat it.

I’m sure by now you have thought of a bunch of reasons you need a HOTLOGIC for yourself or a loved one.  These would be great not just for those commuting to work, but for seniors and college students too.  As you can see they are even really useful if you are still working from home.  They have larger sizes too, so once we’re all back up and socializing you’ll want one of those to bring your potluck dishes to gatherings!

If you’re interested in getting one of these amazing HOTLOGIC Mini Ovens for yourself, head over to  where you can see all they have to offer.  The HOTLOGIC Mini Oven XP retails at $59.95 but is currently on sale for $49.95.  When you think about it, that’s really a great deal if you compare the cost of take out or the work cafeteria to bring your own hot meals to work.  It will pay for itself in no time at all.

How would you use a HOTLOGIC Mini Oven or who do you know that you think could use one?  Need a great recipe to reheat in your new HOTLOGIC Mini Oven?  Then check out our Thai Pork Noodle Bowl!

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  1. This is to cool. Gift idea for workers who always have to wait in line for the only working microwave in the office.

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