#HomeSelfe – Save Money on Home Energy Bills!

save money on home energy bills

We live in an older home.  It was built in 1987.  This is the first home we’ve lived in that isn’t brand new.  We’ve lived here for nearly three years now and we’re always looking for ways to save money on home energy bills.  Both our gas and electric providers have offered to send out someone to do a home energy audit but we really don’t have any desire to listen to a sales pitch or be oversold on things we know need looking at.  So when I heard about Homeselfe, an app that you can do a ‘home energy audit’ in about five minutes, I thought why not try it?  What have I got to lose? (Pretty much nothing right?!)

Homeselfe is available on both android and iOS platforms and is free to download.  It really literally took me only five minutes or so to go through the house on the app and answer the questions.  I will let you know that you have to provide your address and phone number and other residential information if you want the savings report (so yes I used the name ‘Jane’ when I first tried it out – I did end up inputting my real information after so I could get the results below).

So I learned that we could save about $493 a year on our home.  Which actually means we’ve done a fairly decent job if you ask me, upgrading our energy efficiency in the last three years.  It also lets us know that some of the ‘upsells’ that we’ve been quoted by window and door companies, etc., aren’t worth the cost in the long run.

Find out how you can save money on home energy bills with the Homeselfe app.    With the app you can also

  • View your home energy rating
  • Find quality contractor
  • Access rebates

Visit their website to learn more: Homeselfe.com

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