Technology Gifts

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custom holiday gifts

You can design a custom phone case (prices starting at $47.99 msrp) for someone at Custom Envy.  Choose from slim or extra protective cases, but either way you can personalize your gift and make it one of a kind.  Read more about this gift at


“Cleaner, healthier water bottle with two taps.” Klear cleans your bottle for you so you don’t have to (prices starting at $49.97 msrp). Klear Cap is designed to give you peace of mind. Using the power of UV-C light to kill odor-causing, harmful bacteria in less than 3 minutes providing you with cleaner, healthier water bottle.  Read more about this gift at


adidas originals

The Adidas Sports and Adidas Originals line of phone accessories have been updated, with a range of new models, including support for the new iPhone 12, and more! (Prices starting at $11.67)
Read more about these phone accessories here:


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